August 23, 2023

Fun & Healthy Wellness Game Ideas for Older Adults and Seniors

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Healthy wellness games (online or in person) are important ways to keep older generations healthy and engaged as they age.

Although adults are living longer, the vast majority live with at least one chronic condition or disability. That is why as caregivers, friends, neighbors, and family members, we must take action to better serve older adults, making all aspects of their health a top priority.

To help you come up with some game ideas to promote health and wellness sessions, we've created a list of options that are simple to set up. Choose the perfect activity for your next event — let's get started!

What Are Wellness Games?

Wellness games are, as they sound — games that promote optimal health through a variety of engaging activities.

These games can cover a wide range of health-related topics and facets, offering an entertaining and relaxing way for people to spend leisurely time working on their health. To better support their psychological and physical health, as well as their social life and spiritual needs, small everyday steps can make all the difference. That is why healthy wellness activities are so great!

These are wellness activities for older adults that also help promote a healthier lifestyle by allowing older adults to exercise, remain mentally active, learn, and strengthen their relationships — not only with others but also with themselves.

They include:

Physical wellness games

These physically work the body. For seniors, these games and exercise routines may focus on improving mobility, reducing joint pain, and promoting better health overall. 

Mental wellness games

Mental games and brain games are those that promote positive mental health, such as those that focus on stress management, mental stimulation, or mood.

Social wellness games

Social interaction is so important for anyone, but especially seniors. These games promote a sense of connection, reducing feelings of isolation.

Intellectual wellness games

Whether it be word puzzles, trivia games, or bingo, it's important to keep the brain active with fun games.

Spiritual wellness games

"Spirituality" means different things to different people. However, regardless of one's beliefs, these games focus primarily on the human spirit or soul, as well as religious practices.

Game technology, including digital games, is becoming a key area of interest when it comes to creating unique, innovative, and easy wellness games to play. 

Healthy Wellness Game Ideas for Seniors

Whether you're interested in physical or social activities, the options are nearly endless.

Virtual bingo is a great game to start with. It promotes several areas of wellness, including mental, social, and intellectual health. Since it can be played with a small or large group, it's the perfect game for older adults who live in care homes to join as a group, or for individuals using their own devices.

Technology is also allowing games like Bingo to be digitized and enjoyed on a larger scale through interactive virtual events. Virtual Trivia is another option, which helps older adults work their brain muscles while staying social. 

Games come in all forms, including physical activity. When participating in light aerobics, yoga, strength training,  tai chi, and other physical activities, everyone wins! Again, these wellness activities for older adults promote positive health across the board, encouraging greater mental, physical, and social health. 

Writing & journalling is another activity that can be highly beneficial for those seeking mental or spiritual stimulation.

If you're looking for other easy wellness games to play, some great wellness day ideas include:

  • Puzzles! Simple but straightforward, puzzles are a great way to build camaraderie, offer healthy competition, and force your brain to work. 
  • Multi-player online games, like bingo and trivia 
  • Name-That-Tune and other fun musical activities  
  • Dancing games that work memory and movement 
  • Social wellness games 
  • Guided hands-on activities, such as flower arranging, painting, or scrapbooking
  • Charades, and other creative activities you can do while social distancing 
  • Chair Exercise Routine like the ones we have every Thursday that include exercise, meditation, dancing, and more

Looking for support providing wellness games for your older community? Learn how Televeda's award-winning community platform can help.

The Benefits of Wellness Games for Seniors

Games are fun, there's no doubt about that, but the benefits of wellness games go beyond that. Wellness games make up for a great time and it also supports healthy aging. It's a win-win!

The benefits of play for adults is wide-reaching. Games can help relieve stress, add joy to life, boost creativity, improve energy levels, enhance learning, improve connections, and so much more!

Healthy wellness games for seniors can help residents stay physically and mentally engaged. This is critical to their overall well-being. When games are part of an everyday routine, this can make their days less boring. These activities bring a level of excitement and purpose to a senior's day — and that is a powerful thing!

For many, one of the most enjoyable aspects of game night is interaction with others. For example, a group of seniors may meet up in person or online once a week. They may choose to play a puzzle game or even exercise together. 

For example, a group may gather every Sunday evening to complete a crossword together. Or, they can connect with their grandchildren to play games online. This encourages social interaction and a sharper mind. Research shows that when seniors increase or maintain social interactions, they showcase fewer physical and cognitive limitations.

Transform Healthy Aging with Fun Wellness Activities

Seniors and older adults remain an integral part of our society. By sharing their experiences, expertise, knowledge, and wisdom, we all benefit from their heartfelt presence and comforting guidance.

At Televeda, we’re bringing fun, health, and learning through live online social events. Now you can keep helping older adults share stories, enjoy new experiences, interact, and learn new things as Televeda continues to promote optimal wellness for seniors.

Televeda can help you integrate some of the games and activities discussed above to create a fun environment that prioritizes seniors' healthy living. Get people moving, thinking, and socializing while having fun!

See how we can support your wellness day ideas, activities calendar, and the overall health of your senior members.

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