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When we're connected to others, we're happier and healthier. Televeda is a safe space for individuals to share stories and experiences, enjoy life events, and learn new things in an inclusive atmosphere.

Members have been known to make lifelong friends here. Will you be next?

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We make it simple and easy to find expert workshops & vetted instructors conducted by local & national community centers. Support local events, and stay for the new friends!

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Join the easiest, safest, and most welcoming community to learn new things. It's where older adults go when they want more perspectives, more exploration, and more connections in a like-minded community.

Membership Benefits

Live Social Connections

Members across the country meet live in diverse events to share their lives, swap stories, and expand their horizons!

Personal Growth

We’re built on the connections between real people dedicated to creating genuine growth and progress. Learn more about others—and about yourself.

A Safe Platform

We take the safety and security of our members seriously. You can read about our privacy policy here.

Shared Experiences

Be part of a network of meaningful relationships that create real bonds between people. Join a network where your voice is heard, and everyone know yours name.

Exclusive Event Access

Gain access to programming from your local center to national providers in health, wellness, and culture. Get the benefit of attending the best public classes in one place for free!

Tech Shy?

Little or no experience with technology? No problem! We designed our platform for even the most tech hesitant, and provide live tech support to anyone who needs it!

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Why members love being part of this community.

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Drawing & Painting

“Tal is very kind. He is even positive when we mess up, and gives us an easy solution! Great step-by-step instruction.”

Video call teaching cooking


This instructor is great. She's such a sweet girl and has done a lot of cute, easy recipes. I love coming on just to see her smiling face!”

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Bingo & Games

“We had so much FUN! Thank you for doing this virtual bingo, we love it!”

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Writing Workshops

"What an excellent teacher. She explains the material well with written explanation, so we can read it and gives good examples and helps the student's to get a clear message with them."
Check out some member creations here.

Bookclub video call

Book Clubs

“At another level this book is about being alone. Being by yourself. And I think that Televeda is a service that we love because all of the sudden we aren’t alone. We have people to talk to and laugh with.”

video call teaching space

Expert Sessions

“This was so "enlightening"! Loved it. The host was so gifted at teaching us about the sun and its universe. Thank you!”

video call watching performance

Virtual Symphonys

“What a joy and privilege to hear such lovely music and be able to feel that we are actually in the concert hall, though sequestered in our homes! Thank you to the musicians and all who made this possible.”

Fitness zoom meeting


"You guys are just doing a wonderful job. My friends and I attend all the workout classes, and love going to brain games in between. Thank you so much for this platform!"

breainhealth video call

Brain Health

"I'm on Televeda all the time. I love hearing ideas and meeting people...and finding out during brain games what little brain I sometimes have! Ha!"

video call

Just Chatting

"I like to think of Televeda like my favorite local coffee shop or book store, but with events and friends from all over the country!"

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What type of hardware do I need?

Great news! You don’t need any specific hardware or download any software. As long as you have a device with an internet connection, you can join an event from your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

Note: Your device should have access to a camera and mic to interact with others, but you don’t have to.

How does a Televeda membership work?

For the security and privacy of all members, we are a private invite community. Membership is completely free. You can join through your local community center or make a request through this link.

What are your data and privacy policies?

We take the security of our members very seriously, which is why we verify everyone via phone number or email upon registration. The events are free for individuals, and are sponsored by the centers. We're an ad-free service, so there are no advertising or marketing to our members. You can read about our policy more here.

My friend isn’t great with technology. Can they still join? 

Of course! Televeda was designed for even the most tech-shy adult to use. We also offer onboarding phone support and live chat support so everyone can enjoy their classes worry-free. 

Who is part of the community? 

We are incredibly welcoming to individuals from all walks of life, but take the safety of our members very seriously. This platform is used by recreational centers' community members.

I'd like help getting set up. What do I do? 

If you want any help getting signed up and registered, please reach out to us at or call our toll-free number: 833-299-1449. We'll get you or your loved ones taken care of! 

Can I invite friends?

Yes. Members can refer and invite their friends at! For off-hours interaction, join our private Facebook Group! 

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Always friendly and welcoming.

Forming healthy habits and routines.

Interest-based community matching.

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Embracing self-improvement and personal growth.

Acceptance and support.

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