We are proud to announce that one of our community partners, Chandler, was recognized as one of the top 10 Digital Cities Survey award recipients, by the Center for Digital Government.

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Senior Center Community Management Platform

An affordable and sustainable socialization service providing easy access to daily interactive live classes for senior centers.

Read how our community partner, the City of Chandler, was one of the top 10 Digital Cities Survey award recipients
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Providing Activities for Your Community Isn’t Always Easy

The live event is just the tip of the iceberg...

Hosting the class

Choose activities, find instructors, host the event
~5-10 hours per week

Creating the calendar

Schedule the classes, design the calendar, send it out
~10-20 hours per week

Providing technical support

Help residents, staff, and instructors use the platform of choice
~10-20 hours per week

Tracking & analyzing data

Take attendance, analyze data, make improvements
~15 hours per week 

You could do all those extra hours of work
on your own but...

Why not use Televeda? Get the time back to do what you do best: care for your members.

Backend technical & administrative support

Let us worry about the technology so you can focus on your members

Continuity of services

No matter if the state of the world, bring these accessible events to your members’ doors

Data tracking

We analyze your members’ engagement, satisfaction, and happiness levels to consistently improve retention and longevity.

Tackling social isolation

Engage your members and keep them socially connected to manage loneliness

Healthier & happier members

Televeda users stay independent, socially connected, and physically active as they age.

Greater accessibility for all 

See increased attendance with hybrid classes and marquee events

Whitelabled Community Management

Grow your community’s brand and marketing advantage

Reduced Staff Burden

With activity planning, tech, and admin support done for you, give your staff time to focus on your members

Support Volunteers

Make it easier for your volunteers to host their own classes and events with our platform.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid events offer greater accessibility, flexibility, engagement, and increased ROI.

Marquee Events

Host your biggest events on our platform, from live streamed concerts to lectures and more.

Increase Ticket Sales

Improve ticket sales and community outreach with hybrid offerings and events.

Become a Partner

Trusted by governmental & nonprofit organizations

We support senior centers by providing socialization and engaging activities to thousands of citizens on our platform.

Become a Partner

The first end-to-end recreation management platform for senior centers

Improved Operational Efficiency

Senior centers can spend less time planning, organizing, and managing activity logistics, leaving more time for what matters most: your members.

Increased Accessibility & Engagement

Create a senior center without walls with our live streaming platform your members can access no matter where they are.

Stand Out in the Crowd

With hybrid events, designed classes and calendars, and expert classes, Televeda provides a competitive marketing and sales advantage.

Data Reporting & Analytics

We track, analyze and provide data reports for all of our communities, so you can see what’s working and continue to build on your successes.

How it Works

Start today with our community-focused recreation management


Register your senior center, city, municipality, or nonprofit with our platform.


Include your activities, our activities, or both on your personalized community calendar.


Members onboard themselves with our simple registration process and start enjoying events!

Our team has demonstrated experience in senior center activity management


There are going to be times when residents aren't feeling well, are shy, or have aged out of coming to activities, but still want to be engaged. Now instead of sitting home, they can still feel that active engagement with a community. Thank you!
-Mark Aronauer, Director of Sales & Marketing  


The platform is easy to use, and Televeda's team provides
all of the tech support, onboarding, and training for the
residents, which is very helpful because it makes
adoption easy for residents and shifts the burden away
from our staff.
-Jon Schilling, Director of Life Enrichment


We're so glad we can continue to provide these services to our community. Thanks for all you and staff have done to make this a success.
-Joe Petrella, Recreation Manager

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Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail

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Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail

Making it extensible was one thing I always thought was missing from Gmail. It would be insane for app developers not to take advantage of this huge platform.

Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail