Health plans access and produce value-based events for seniors & outreach management solutions, leading to better health outcomes.

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Value-Based Event Services for Seniors

Manage virtual-hybrid social activities and other educational events for seniors and provide members with better value-based services as part of their health plans.


Vetted programs at recreational centers, community centers, libraries, and health systems from across the country.


Let members access outreach programs throughout your entire health system.


Develop senior-friendly hybrid events, pilot programs, and clinical trials for all mobility levels and backgrounds.


Televeda has proven success in community outreach & engaging the hard-to-reach demographic.

Televeda's platform reduces the administrative burden of event management so you can tackle specific community health needs.

Improve health and wellness outcomes for isolated seniors.

Extend the reach of health education and community support programs.

Increase adherence & engagement with clinical trial patients.

Our platform and services team manages the complexity.

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Enhanced Health Outcomes

Real-time reports providing unparalleled data intelligence about senior events, activities, and support groups. Lower the costs associated with offering senior services as part of health plans and increase positive social engagement.

Learn which programs and events provide insurance customers with the most value.

Get engagement and attendance metrics. Don't waste money on unpopular programs.

Improve wellness outcomes through data-driven monitoring.

Find out how, when, and why members take part in outreach programs and other digital events.

Get an incredible range of insight, such as NPS scores, instructor surveys, growth rates, and community-utilization ratios.

Customize data based on unique community needs and healthcare objectives.

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Outreach Management Solutions

Real-time reports providing unparalleled data intelligence about senior events, activities, and support groups. Lower the costs associated with offering senior services as part of health plans and increase customer engagement with the latest success metrics.

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Immediately provide programs that increase community engagement, lower social isolation, and provide the greatest health benefits.

Improve member churn by tracking program success in communities across multiple channels.

Use outreach tools to connect with seniors and optimize healthcare marketing campaigns.

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Better Healthcare Outcomes

Research from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) suggests that one-third of adults aged 45 or older and almost one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older in the United States experience social isolation.

Providing seniors with access to virtual events and services can improve healthcare outcomes for members by:




Improving mentalhealth and well-being


Maintaining physicalhealth


Boosting the immunesystem


Improving sleeppatterns

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Offering these services improve overall health and reduce insurance claims, which could save your organization significant expenses. Your community deserves a specialized events management solution to connect seniors with services in their communities.

Televeda has one objective: To reduce social isolation by supporting virtual communities. We do this by integrating a national network of senior programming into a single platform. Insurance companies like yours can incorporate these programs into health plans and deliver better value to customers. It's that simple.

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An online community for seniors that want to connect with community centers.

Televeda manages public & private communities for seniors that connect with community centers, recreational centers, libraries, and health systems in their area. Members use our digital platform to find classes and support services arranged by community organizations, local governments, nonprofit agencies, and more. The result? Improved social interactions and better healthcare outcomes.

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