Operational Efficiencies

We created an innovative platform that has all the power you need to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer retention, all in an intuitive user interface.

group of seniors

Save Time

Consolidate, standardize, and reduce friction on all operational processes.

Support Staff

We train, collaborate with, and support your staff as a team.

Lower Costs

Reduce expenses while trying new revenue streams.

Autopilot Solution to Manage it All

Take advantage of our automation & professional services that help staff efficiently save 15-25 hours every week.

IT & Tech Support

Televeda provides technical support and training not only for you and your staff, but for all of your community members as they sign up and use the platform.

Calendar Creation

We’ll digitize your events and instructors so you can offer virtual and hybrid events. Plus, you and your members get access to content from Televeda’s calendar, our partnering providers, and civic centers from across the country.

Standardized operations

Bring all your facilities together on one platform with cross-organizational standardization of branding, activities, and marketing efforts.

Televeda dashboard

Empowering Community Centers

We’re an extension of your incredible team.

Reduce Staff Burden

Our proudest moments at Televeda is when community staff let us know how helpful our service is for them. Instead of spending hours of valuable time planning activities, troubleshooting technology, and sending out reminders, our communities spend their time doing their jobs.

Platform Training

We aren’t a generalized live streaming platform: we’re there whenever you have a class to run, and schedule tech support calls with every new community, instructor, or staff member. No more spending hours waiting for customer service to answer your call.

Support Volunteers

Televeda makes it easier for your volunteers & instructors to host their own events. We’re the ones that set them up on our platform, teach them how to use it, and provide support during the actual event. We support your staff supporting your members.

Reduce Cost

More efficiency means more freedom.

Improve Efficiencies

With a one-stop-shop, we’re more than a recreation management. Whether you need to refresh your content offerings, find more community members, boost your marketing, or add virtual options, we got you covered.

Data Analytics

We’re not just content partners, we’re content consultants. We measure attendance at the class, instructor, and individual level to help optimize your offerings for the best engagement and retention. Complete transparency.

New revenue opportunities

Do you want to sell tickets for your events? Provide hybrid and virtual services? Offer an event to thousands of seniors from across the country? Whatever it is, Televeda can help your organization increase revenue without the stress.

Televeda dashboard

What our communities are saying

zoom meeting

Televeda has freed up so much time fort the activity staff to engage with residents, meet new residents, spend more 1:1 time, and support residents who need more assistance.

- Alyssha Campbell,
The Palazzo

Televeda's comprehensive, ready-to-go activity programs saves organizations hours of planning and preparation time every month.

- Startup Health

I love brainstorming and strategizing directly with the Televeda. Everyone on the team is so supportive of our larger community goals and takes ownership to ensure our classes are a success.

- TeoFilo Ruiz,
City of Chandler

The platform is easy-to-use and Televeda's team provides all of the tech support, onboarding, and training for the residents, which makes adoption easy and shifts the burden away from our staff.

- John Schilling,
Beatitudes Campus

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