Stop Social Isolation by Increasing Engagement at your Senior Living Community

An autopilot solution that improves attendance, engagement, retention, and wellbeing in your senior living community.

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Bring hybrid classes to life with interactive &
engaging senior living activities

Your senior living residents can access the Televeda platform on their phones, computers, and your own activity rooms. No hardware, software, or downloads required.

Supplement your activities with our plug-and-play classes and watch attendance and engagement soar. It’s all about live social interactions: no passive videos here!

Everyone Needs Socialization — Seniors Included!

Social isolation for seniors has long before the COVID-19 pandemic: 25% of seniors even living in a community still feel isolated. At Televeda, we created a solution for community engagement that leads to: increased member socialization → improved well being → enhanced longevity. 

Improve Operational Efficiency

Happy residents mean happier staff, and more satisfied staff means less of a turnover: especially when we reduce their burden with our customized expert-led classes offering dedicated socialization time. Your staff has more time to do their jobs, and it can provide thousands of dollars of cost savings.

Genuine Engagement for Longevity & Wellbeing

To see the benefits of live streaming classes, you need real events driven by genuine social interactions. Elevate your current in-person programming by using a combination of our virtual activities and your in-person activities. These events can be hosted online, in person, or both, and will be accessible from any room and device.

Sales & Marketing Differentiation 

This platform isn’t just for residents: bring in family, friends, and potential clients to join your own private URL as you broadcast live events to residents in their rooms, activities room, or while they transition from their homes. Stay in touch with members and their families, wherever they may be. 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Using Televeda has proven to reduce loneliness and increase well being by promoting a healthier lifestyle for older adults.


Of residents reported improvement in moods post-class.


Saved per month due to reduced staff burden


Increase in residential recreation attendance


Re-engagement of socially isolated seniors

Get Your Senior Living Community Started 

Support your activity managers, marketing teams, and staff with our all-in-one recreational management solution.


Complete a tech check & get your community registered on our platform. No hardware required!


Include your events and our events on your white labeled activity calendar and lobby.


Receive data reports to track your community engagement and wellness levels and continue to improve ROI.

Reduce staff burden while increasing resident engagement

Increase longevity & satisfaction of residents

Media, marketing, & tech support system

Keep families and friends connected with residents

Powerful competitive sales & marketing differentiator

Engaging inactive and isolated residents with stimulating programming

Content curriculum customization based on community needs

Standardizing event operations across multi-site locations

Reduce healthcare costs associated with loneliness 

When you have your own custom virtual activities platform, anything is possible.

Some of the many ways our partners use Televeda

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Hear From Our
Senior Living Community Partners

Jennifer S. Lee

Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing

"100% of those asked: 'Can you see these televëda experiences being beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing in the long term, if practiced consistently' answered 'Yes!' We saw a positive spike in mood, energy, mental refreshment, and social connectivity from the pre to post surveys."

Kenneth Opara


I can today say as the Administrator that this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It brings happiness to my heart when I see the residents so joyful when Televeda comes to conduct an activity and how engaged the residents are during the session. I highly recommend Televeda.

Jon Schilling


Televeda earns my highest recommendation. The platform has made socialization more accessible to our residents. It is easy to use and they provide all of the tech support and training.

Senior Living FAQs

How do I get started? 

To get started working with us, head to this page, and we’ll schedule a time to speak.

What about my users who aren’t tech savvy? 

Televeda was designed for even the most tech-shy adult to use. We also offer complementary 1-1 onboarding support and live tech support so they can enjoy their classes worry-free. Users will need access to a device with an Internet connection to enjoy these classes, whether through a personal device, or at your senior center.

What type of audience will this be best for (AL, IL, MC, NH)? What age groups?

Televeda has successfully worked with adults over 55 in various accessibility levels. While we don’t specialize in dementia programming, our classes are designed for all abilities in mind and have been used in various Memory Care settings. Plus with Televeda, you can always digitize your current programming to stream through your platform.

Do you provide video recordings? 

While we can provide recordings of classes, we are not a video-library solution. Our recommendation is for members to attend as many live classes as possible. Live interaction is where the social magic happens, and that’s when you’ll see the highest engagement and happiness levels. Not by playing videos! 

How much does this cost?

We run on a simple payment model that depends on the number of users and live classes you’d like to support. You can contact us here for a quick quote.

How much training & ongoing staff time will this take?

You don’t need any new hardware, software, or downloading to work with Televeda. We handle everything from the first tech check, to planning the activities calendar, to helping with marketing and tech support. Our platform was designed to be as easy to use as possible, so all your staff has to do is get to!

How are you different from Zoom? 

Zoom is a great platform, but when looking for an overall solution for your senior center, that’s where Televeda shines. We aren’t just a live streaming platform. We are also the tech support, security advisors, expert teachers, content curators, and data analyzers. We understand that every community is unique, which is why we provide data reports tracking wellness and engagement to ensure a positive ROI, and that a senior center’s vision will best serve the senior community resident engagement needs.

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