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Televeda provides healthcare providers and health networks with community & events management solutions. Improve outreach, get advanced data reporting, optimize efficiencies, and reduce social isolation with customized digital events, pilot programs, and clinical trials.

Communicate with your community from one centralized hub.

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Better Outreach Programming

Manage virtual-hybrid events, clinical trials, and other activities for member from a powerful end-to-end digital solution and communicate with your community like never before. Televeda provides unparalleled outreach with vulnerable members in your health system to improve evidence-based outcomes.

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Create a community that connects seniors and your hospital or health system in mere minutes. Improve outreach and engagement almost instantly.

Televeda's platform reduces the administrative burden of event management so you can identify specific community needs and provide services to those who need them.

Improve health and wellness outcomes for isolated adults.
Extend the reach of health education and community support programs.
Increase adherence & engagement with clinical trial patients.
Our platform & managed tech services does all the hard work.

Advanced Data Reporting

Televeda's data reporting tools provide you with real-time intelligence into your hybrid virtual event, pilots, and clinical trial programs. Improve outreach, engagement, and health outcomes with the latest custom metrics.

Track data relevant to your hospital or health system.

Use data to improve retention for community programs and trials.

Monitor the ROI on events, clinical trials, and other programs.

Learn which programs provide members in your health network with the greatest value.

Automate attendance and engagement metrics.

Improve health services and outcomes with the latest insights.

View NPS scores, instructor surveys, community-utilization ratios, and program engagement rates.

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Optimize Operational Efficiencies

Digitize community outreach and event management by creating hybrid virtual programs on a digital platform built for seniors.

Senior Citizen and her helper

Manage classes, events, trials, and pilots with a click of a button.

Customize programs with ticketed events, virtual lobbies, public and private classes, calendars, reminders, survey integrations, and more. Transform the way you communicate with older adults.

Improve social distancing by managing events and trials online.

Increase satisfaction with better digital experiences for seniors in your network

Increase adherence for trials and pilot programs.

Connect with seniors online and offline seamlessly.

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Reduce Social Isolation

One-fourth of adults aged 65 and older in the U.S. experience some kind of social isolation, making community outreach services more critical than ever. However, seniors face multiple barriers to outreach programs, clinical trials, and events organized by hospitals and health systems. These obstacles include a lack of transportation, the cost of transportation, immobility, family commitments, and safety concerns when traveling to a hospital or medical facility.

Creating outreach programs online provides seniors in your health network with a lifeline. However, you require an events management solution to nurture these virtual communities. Televeda's platform specializes in engagement for older adults, manages outreach to this hard to reach demographic, and delivers improved outcomes with its suite of digital tools designed and built for vulnerable members.

About Televeda

Televeda is an online hub for seniors that want to connect with community centers, recreational centers, daycare providers, and other healthcare providers in your hospital or health network. Organizations like Arizona State University, Banner Health, Cigna Behavioral Health, and Barrow Neurological Institute use the platform to manage & create hybrid community outreach programs, pilot studies, clinical trials, and other live events.

100% of those asked: 'Can you see these Televeda experiences being beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing in the long term if practiced consistently?' answered 'Yes!' We saw a positive spike in mood, energy, mental refreshment, and social connectivity from the pre- to post-surveys.

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Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing

Televeda's platform reduces the administrative burden of event management so you can identify specific community needs and provide virtual services to those who need them.


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