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The complete solution to building & scaling your growing community

We take the stress out of activity scheduling, data reporting, technical support and security, and more–so you can spend time connecting with your members!

Reduce staff burden while increasing resident engagement

Increase longevity & satisfaction of residents

Media, marketing, & tech support system

Platform to keep families and friends connected with residents

Powerful competitive differentiator

Engaging inactive and isolated residents with stimulating programming

Content curriculum customization based on community needs

Standardizing event operations across multi-site locations

Reduce healthcare costs associated with loneliness 

Televeda has enriched our members’ lives and my staff’s lives by being an organization that looks at each community as individuals to see what our needs are. They’re in constant contact with us regarding how they can better help both our activity directors and our residents. I would always recommend this program to everybod‍

-Alyssha Campbell, Director of Life Enrichment

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