If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb
Community intelligence

Comprehensive data reporting helping organizations lower healthcare costs associated with social isolation and increase community engagement.

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Operational Efficiencies
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Improve Wellness Outcomes
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Reduce Staff Burden
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Saving Valuable Staff Time and Preventing Errors

Maintaining online and in-person classes can get complex quick. Your streaming tool is different from registration which is different from your reminders, and the list goes on. Televeda provides a better way to manage the entire center and individual member lifecycle with your community.

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Automated Attendance Tracking, Surveys and Reminders

Relieving teams from grunt work. Providing full transparency on calendaring and programming time, engagement metrics, attendance reporting tech support queries and events planning.

Centers can save 15 to 25 hours and $2000 to $4000, increase tickets and keep members happy & healthy

Community Health Insights that matter

Welcome to the Future of Data-driven Recreational Programming

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Robust Insights

Highlights & trends on where members come from, how they participate & other success metrics for smarter outcomes.  

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Actionable Steps

Data driven & personalized recommendations, with a live content network to pull in suggestions without the hassle.

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Relevant Data

On programming, community utilization ratios, growth rates, NPS scores, user & instructor surveys. Custom & localized reports.

ROI on socialization

Your Center's Strategic Advantage

Easily answer vital questions such as time & money saved, new members, new ticket sales, attendance metrics, most popular classes, areas that need support, identifying evangelists, why members churn, best event timings, what new programs would interest my audience.
And any custom reporting requirements & health measurements.

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In one study, a care home provided a list of residents who were objectively identified as isolated who had not attended any recreational activity. Within 11 weeks, Televeda was able to re-engage 45% of those members. Not only did members re-engage virtually, but were also able to overcome their anxiety by forming new friendships which translated to in-person attendance in group settings.

Recommendation Engine

Optimize and test classes in days not months. Televeda's proprietary programmatic display of live events, personalized wellness curriculums, and robust outcomes track for unique & diverse community health goals.

Visibility on Best Practices:
- Recommended time for specific formats
- Audience specific recommendation based on interests
- Collated member suggestions & feedback

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We love how easy it is for us to offer all these exciting programs to our members.

- Angela Burke

Televeda's feedback to the nurses about some of the residents helped us identify proactive opportunities for our in-person care.

- John Schilling
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Pilot Programs & Trials Customization

The leading platform of choice by civic organizations, hospitals and health plans for innovating community based initiatives & social care to improve health & wellness outcomes. Clinical trials, evidence based case-studies & pilot program services for specific reporting requirements and outcome designs.

Televeda's study programs have access to university researchers, member matching & funding opportunities.
See if your centers qualifies for research.

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Member Engagement In Social Services & Improved Adherence
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Hours/Time Saved By Clinical Resources. Reduce Associated Healthcare Costs
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Long-Term Utilization Could Include the Measurement of PHQ-9 or GAD-7
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Quality of Life, Wong-Baker Grimace Scale & Mood Scores.
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Engaging Inactive & Isolated members
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Lowering re-admission rates via personalized wellness programming
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