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Improving Digital Inclusion, Broadband Access & Internet Connectivity

Televeda now provides hardware and cellular connectivity to help bridge the digital-divide.

The State of the Digital Divide

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Almost 40% of Americans living in rural areas lack access to decent broadband service. This means 34 million Americans are disconnected from digital life.

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One in ten Americans are offline. A higher percentage of those are individuals 65 and older and those without a high school diploma.

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About four-in-ten adults with lower incomes do not have home broadband services (43%) or a desktop or laptop computer (41%), compared to over 90% in high-income households.

New End-to-end Service
Bridging the Digital Divide

We’re installing subsidized devices & internet in low-income neighborhoods so every community can have resources to connect.



Televeda and broadband partners offer tablets to community members in need.


Cellular Connectivity

We also source and support internet plans for eligible communities.


Digital Literacy

Televeda provides training and support so everyone can use these technologies.


Digitized instructors

We handle the technical and administrative backend, so you can easily bring your center's activities online


Hybrid activities

A combination of in person and virtual events are the future for user expectation and accessibility


Tech support

Our tech team supports all members, staff, and instructors at every point in your journey. Less burden for your staff means a better experience for your members.


Outreach & marketing

Empower your brand with powerful, cohesive experience to be delivered across all your marketing channels and in-person activities.


Active participation

No passive viewing of recorded videos! Only live social interactions to ensure the highest levels of genuine engagement


Language options 

English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Korean.

Simple technology
for centers to connect and engage

Televeda's Digital Inclusion Projects

March 2020 calendar

Duet Arizona

Our comprehensive, ready-to-select programs save you hours of planning and preparation-time every month. We’re installing and setting up tablets in households in Arizona so more people can participate in community events. 

AZDVS Tribal Connectivity

This comprehensive program is focused on enhancing connectivity and digital literacy within tribal communities. Televeda has taken an active role in providing technical training and digital literacy programs so tribal members can harness the full potential of the available resources.

Connected kansas

Connected Kansas

This initiative that will bring interactive, real-life experiences to residents in three rural communities across the state of Kansas. We’ll address social isolation as a result of lack of connectivity by expanding broadband access across the state. 

Hero Story

Hero's Story Initiative with U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs

Televeda is launching Project the first indigenous community-based app to facilitate building a trusted network of culturally-appropriate interventions & resources that support mental health.

Beyond Walls

Beyond Walls is a fully sponsored community initiative that provides centers with virtual and hybrid events and digital literacy training. It's offered as one-year pilot project to eligible centers.



Through its participation in AzHIP and its dedication to the priority of Mental Well-Being, Televeda is positioned as a key player in the realization of Arizona's five-year health improvement plan, which places a strong emphasis on health equity.

The need to bring at-home programming is more important than ever after the last few years of the pandemic. We have so many people now who have embraced technology and have learned to use computers across everyday life. Embracing the digital world nowadays is really important to connect with friends and family.

Christy Salmans, Community Leader and Coordinator, Hodgeman County, Kansas

The Benefits of Digital Inclusion Efforts

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Everyone Deserves Connection

Whether you're joining community-centered events or connecting with others across the country, digital inclusion allows individuals from all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of social connection.

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learning for all

Digital Literacy Changes lives

From older adults looking to connect with their friends to children learning important skills they'll use in future occupations, digital inclusion helps educate everyone on how to use digital technologies.

educational & Vocational Opportunities

Reliable Access to Online Resources

Apply for jobs, take online classes, start remote work, try digital inclusion provides endless opportunities for communities that were previously limited to urban areas.

With technology we have the capability to reach many people who would otherwise have little access to activities and connections with others. I felt this isolation during the pandemic lockdown but being able to join with others to create art lifted my spirits and gave me activities with purpose. Televeda is a brilliant organization that is a model for others.

Val, Community Member & Instructor, Televeda

Complete Your Digital Ecosystem
with Hardware + Broadband

Connect Your Community

Statistics sources: Pew Research, Gitnux

You're not the only one who will love Televeda!

Hear from class regulars about their experience.

Diane, Member

Love the class.  Tal is a great instructor!!  Enjoy the community and the interaction we have during the class.

Georgiana, Member

I've been in chair classes and like these of chair for stretches. I enjoyed today's presentation and find it very challenging. I learned how to get out of a chair without support of the arm rest of chair and am looking forward to the session tomorrow!

Marty, Member

This instructor is great. She's such a sweet girl and has done a lot of cute, easy recipes. I love coming on just to see her smiling face!

Holly, Daughter of Members

My parents have thoroughly enjoyed your programs for months. They've been to each of my siblings' houses this summer (from coast to coast) and it has been great that they could continue with their regularly scheduled programs no matter whose house they were at! Thank you for what you are doing!

Billi, Daughter of Member

My Mom and I LOVE Televeda! We participated in the virtual bingo. With the pandemic, my mom missed her weekly bingo, with Televeda, we could play twice a week! During this time of feeling more isolated, this kind of service is much appreciated. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, a wonderful thing to look forward to each day.

Jeanette, Member

This organization has done so much for us. I think you’ve eliminated a lot of anxiety because now we have something to do and some place to learn. It’s not wake up and go: “Okay, how can I make myself have purpose today?” There’s nothing more important, I think, than purpose.

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