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The Easiest Event Management Tool for Hybrid Engagement

Televeda is a platform that connects senior centers, libraries, museums and community programs by removing the pain points in digitizing classes, and provide an easier way for everyone to engage.

Making Event & Class Management Easier

Add online and hybrid events to your activities calendar—without having to redo your budget


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Register your community and get your own fully-functional, white-labeled virtual center.


One Platform


Access programming from community centers, libraries, health systems & social services from across the country.


See Results

See Results

Watch members make friends, meet people from across the country, and discover your content.


Digitized instructors

We handle the technical and administrative backend, so you can easily bring your center's activities online


Hybrid activities

A combination of in person and virtual events are the future for user expectation and accessibility


Tech support

Our tech team supports all members, staff, and instructors at every point in your journey. Less burden for your staff means a better experience for your members.


Outreach & marketing

Empower your brand with powerful, cohesive experience to be delivered across all your marketing channels and in-person activities.


Active participation

No passive viewing of recorded videos! Only live social interactions to ensure the highest levels of genuine engagement


Language options 

English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Korean.

Simple technology
for centers to connect and engage

No more wasting time searching for instructors.
Widest choice of possibilities.

Our CLasses

Join Live Classes with One Click

Televeda comes with a multitude of carefully vetted instructors for fitness, gaming, art, and wellness. Your members can enjoy any of our interactive classes whenever they're live.

Painting video call

Our expert art instructor, Tal Dvir.

"Let's Talk Sharks" with the Texas State Aquarium.

MEDIA Partners

Partner with the Best Event Providers

We connect you with live, in-person instructors from the most recognized organizations in the industry that offer programs for seniors.

Your classes

Hybrid classes are the future: bring events to your members both in person and online

We offer efficient and innovative activity programming and technical support so your group can focus on creating a memorable event for your members.

See a surge in attendance with enhanced reach

Supercharge your Activities Calendar!

March 2020 calendar

Save time & resources

Our comprehensive, ready-to-select programs save you hours of planning and preparation-time every month.


Enjoy expert activity instructors

We’ve vetted over 200 activity vendors and senior care professionals from around the world.


3rd-party streaming integrations

Try out our 3rd-party integrations with Zoom, Webex, or any other video conferencing tools you use.


Trackable activity metrics 

Track, analyze, and access data reports of each class, and review instructor feedback to ensure the best experience for your community.


Private and public classes

Host private classes for your members or offer a public class to reach the whole community.


Network with like-minded organizations

Show off your marquee events in our virtual lobby, or check out events hosted by other organizations.


Watch interactions soar

See increased engagement, mood scores, and happiness levels in your members as you reach seniors across the country.

Top Tier Virtual Events for Every Interest

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ASU logo
Mcdonalds Observatory logo
Texas State Aquarium
Chandler logo
NASA logo
See Upcoming Classes

Connect with a Leading Network

Class Partners

Broadcast your reach with an engaged audience of active adults

Marquee Event Hosts

Host your virtual community events on our proprietary platform

Class Instructors

Bring your expertise and passion to our lively, active members

Volunteers & Internships

Join our team of talented instructors & hosts

You're not the only one who will love Televeda!

Hear from class regulars about their experience.

Diane, Member

Love the class.  Tal is a great instructor!!  Enjoy the community and the interaction we have during the class.

Georgiana, Member

I've been in chair classes and like these of chair for stretches. I enjoyed today's presentation and find it very challenging. I learned how to get out of a chair without support of the arm rest of chair and am looking forward to the session tomorrow!

Marty, Member

This instructor is great. She's such a sweet girl and has done a lot of cute, easy recipes. I love coming on just to see her smiling face!

Holly, Daughter of Members

My parents have thoroughly enjoyed your programs for months. They've been to each of my siblings' houses this summer (from coast to coast) and it has been great that they could continue with their regularly scheduled programs no matter whose house they were at! Thank you for what you are doing!

Billi, Daughter of Member

My Mom and I LOVE Televeda! We participated in the virtual bingo. With the pandemic, my mom missed her weekly bingo, with Televeda, we could play twice a week! During this time of feeling more isolated, this kind of service is much appreciated. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, a wonderful thing to look forward to each day.

Jeanette, Member

This organization has done so much for us. I think you’ve eliminated a lot of anxiety because now we have something to do and some place to learn. It’s not wake up and go: “Okay, how can I make myself have purpose today?” There’s nothing more important, I think, than purpose.

World Record Attempt Countdown: 00:00:00:00

🎲  🌎  ❤️  Play Bingo for a cause & set a world record!💥 Register here. 💥

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