Choose the best fit for your community

All plans include Software + Instructors Network + Managed Services. No credit card required to sign up, and no long term commitments! 


Every community gets software, public content and tech support


Televeda platform access


Up to 50 members


All public listed classes


Staff & user technical support


Designed calendar and lobby


No CC required.


Self-hosted & custom content, custom URLs, white-label lobby and urls, data reporting.


All the benefits of Starter, and:


Up to 200 members 


Digitized, custom & private classes 


Personalized branding


Monthly data reports


Dedicated account manager 


Unlimited members, customizations, and platform options.


All the benefits of Plus, and:


> 200 members


API integrations with EHR/Calendaring Software


Predictive analytics reporting and dashboard


Community Outreach add-on

Grow your senior community center

Design custom solutions with these additional feature options

Outreach & Marketing

Engage with a larger targeted audience and grow out your own hybrid community


We have helped designed complex infra and custom ops solutions for cities and enterprise clients

Marquee Events

Manage even the most complex events from live concerts to seminars & more. 

Clinical Studies

Design, monitor & evaluate ambitious community health pilot programs & research.

An all-in-one recreational events platform 

Our customizable plans offer unique solutions for member-based organizations of all sizes.

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Answers to your questions about Televeda plans.

Can we put our community’s classes on your platform? 

Yes! With a Plus or Growth subscription, we can digitize any of your classes or instructors for your members, from fitness classes to support groups to classes. All while taking away the complexity of onboarding, training, moderation & support.

What is a pilot program?

Design, monitor, and evaluate ambitious online senior community engagement through a Televeda pilot program. We only accept a limited number of these. Please reach out to see if you qualify.

What are all the included features?

Full access to accessible web-based video streaming software, media content library, calendar templates, tech support for all members, data reports, security and privacy controls, sourcing and onboarding instructors. Other features include: 

  • Software: Custom built for seniors and those with cognitive, physical or visual impairments. There is no download and 1-click access to get started. No specific hardware requirements.

  • Instructors: We help with content creation and production so it's a simple plug-and-play calendar designed with your branding.

  • Custom Media: We also take requests for specific classes. We've already developed extensive partnerships with content-providers to bring world class live programming to supplement your existing offerings at a fraction of the cost, can cater to multiple languages, and implement custom curriculum design.

  • Your Volunteers & Classes: Managed classes led by team members or volunteers using our platform.

  • Security & Moderation: Security for vulnerable groups is very important, and we take care of that complexity with the highest standards in privacy and class moderation support.

  • Tech Support: Televeda offers live tech support for all users of our platform. This is crucial especially for the elder demographic we service. We've seen it eat into core staff time and our empathic and trained agents will provide great peace of mind. We provide a toll-free number with real agents, training resources, email and chat support for immediate resolution during all classes. 

  • Data Reports & Reminders: Monthly data reports to show attendance, engagement, retention, feedback & churn. All of which is not possible with external video-conferencing vendors. We also have our own senior friendly system to send reminders to members directly to streamline ops and increase engagement.

I’m an individual. Can I use Televeda?

Of course! We love to include new members on our platform, even if someone don’t belong to a participating community. If you are a supporting family or caregiver, you can check out our membership options on this page.

Making your members happier
—and your life easier—every day

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Jennifer S. Lee

Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing

"100% of those asked: 'Can you see these televëda experiences being beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing in the long term, if practiced consistently' answered 'Yes!' We saw a positive spike in mood, energy, mental refreshment, and social connectivity from the pre to post surveys."


Ms. Martha

Community Member

I'm on Televeda all the time. I love hearing ideas, and recipes, and meeting people, and finding out during brain games what little brain I sometimes have! Ha!

Oasis Pavilion logo colored

Kenneth Opara


I can today say as the Administrator that this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It brings happiness to my heart when I see the residents so joyful when Televeda comes to conduct an activity and how engaged the residents are during the session. I highly recommend Televeda.


Ms. Dottie

Community Member

What a joy and privilege to hear such lovely music and be able to feel that we are actually in the concert hall, though sequestered in our homes! Thank you to the musicians and all who made this possible.

beatitudes colored logo

Jon Schilling


Televeda earns my highest recommendation. The platform has made socialization more accessible to our residents. It is easy to use and they provide all of the tech support and training.


Ms. Gretchen

Community Member

What a wonderful opportunity to learn art and not have to leave my home. Thank you everyone.

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