Televeda Launches Talking Circles with Navajo Nation VA & Partnership with TRS

February 1, 2023

The Navajo Nation Veterans Administration is partnering with Televeda on a monthly Talking Circles series at Window Rock, capital of Navajo Nation. While Televeda provides virtual classes and support, this project is a necessary in person talking circle to offer support for veterans. Hybrid options are also available.

A Complex Problem

  • Over 67% of AIAN veterans don't use the Veterans Affairs mental health services.
  • Some rural Tribal Community members, Navajo Nation residents must drive an average of 3-4 hours to access healthcare resources.
  • Over 73% of households lack broadband access and over 51% lack computers.

Televeda's work through the Hero's Story project we are able to reach members of many tribal nations and support veterans.

Mental Health Solutions

Hero's Story Project

We’re launching the first indigenous, community-based platform to facilitate a trusted network of culturally-appropriate interventions and resources that support mental health. In partnership with each community, we're working to deliver care where people need it.

The design and implementation of the Hero’s Story Project has been and will continue to be deeply informed by members of tribal nations including Navajo, Lakota, and O’odham. In partnership with experts, researchers, and tribal liaisons, we are focused on three pillars:

  • Culturally-competent & Community-led
  • Digital infrastructure & broadband access
  • Evidence-based interventions & outcomes

The Talking Circles events are a segment of the Hero's Story larger project.

Besides our partnership with with NNVA, Televeda is also partnered with Trauma Recovery Services, indigenous owned and operated behavioral health service for running virtual peer support sessions.

Community leader Jordanna Saunders guides the group through a traditional talking circle discussion. Participants are able to share veteran experiences in a place where they feel welcome and safe.

Other facets of the program:

  • Participants can share stories and form new friendships
  • Participants can speak to behavioral health experts
  • There are access veteran resources
  • Coffee & lunch provided


Participants can sign up for Talking Circles at

Referral Code: HERO2024

Navajo Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Navajo Nation Mental Health Hotlines

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