March 3, 2021

5 Online Games for Grandkids & Grandparents to Play


The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, but vaccine developments and distribution is looking promising. Still, it may be months before grandparents and grandkids can see each other like they're used to.

So, it’s important to still have some options to spend time together, even if it’s playing games online!

Plus, 2020 and 2021 aren’t the only time grandparents and grandchildren have been apart. So many grandparents are “snowbirds,” or just don’t live near their grandchildren, so having fun activities to do online is a great way for grandparents, grandchildren, and the entire family to spend time together--no matter where everyone is located! 

At Televeda, our mission is to keep older adults from becoming socially isolated no matter their situation or circumstances.  We use our live streaming platform to host a variety of events and classes for our senior members.

We’ve tried out various games and activities in over 100k live interactions, and now are here  to tell you the five of the best online games to play with your grandparents anytime. 

These five games are Televeda member—and therefore grandparent—approved!  

5 Games Grandkids & Grandparents Can Play Together Online


One of our star bingo players! He won full board this game! 

Virtual bingo is a great game that is fun for all ages.

Bingo isn’t just a simple game! It also helps players practice memory recall, improve cognitive function, accelerate healing, and enhance coordination--all things that will benefit both grandparents and grandchildren!

Hitting all aspects of your health, bingo (whether it’s virtual or in person) is the way to go! Bingo already made the transition to the online world before social distancing made it necessary, but your parents or grandparents may not have had this virtual experience yet.

We have a few tips to make the best virtual game easier for your grandparents and grandkids:

  1. Use a free online bingo player, like Let's Play Bingo! Let's Play Bingo shows all the calls as they come up, the last 5 calls, and auto-calling. You’ll need access to a live streaming platform that allows screen sharing.
  2. When calling numbers, we suggest announcing the call, and then stating each of the number separately. For example, I-19, call: "I, 19. I, one, nine." This makes it easier for everyone to hear.
  3. Either mail or email printable bingo cards to your grandparents, and have the grandkids pick out fun chips or markers they can use to mark their cards (laminated reusable bingo cards are great). 
  4. Switch up the rules. Whether you’re looking for a full house, row, column, or diagonal, keep the game fun and exciting for everyone! And, give people turns being the caller! It can be fun for both grandparents and grandchildren to flex your announcing skills! 


Who remembers this?!

Scattergories is a classic board game for all ages that translates well virtually. It can also be especially beneficial for enhancing memory recall and learning new words, which again is great for both grandparents and grandchildren.

It's also very easy to play online with your live streaming platform, especially when using an online Scattergories generator, like this website here

How to play:

  1. Everyone just needs a piece of paper and a writing utensil to get started.
  2. The letter generator will come up with a new letter and topics that you have to think of for each round. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time for all of the members to come up with as many of the word as possible. 
  3. Then, you compare your responses, and anyone who has the same response doesn't count. Fro example, if the letter was "C" and the category was "drinks," if multiple people said "coffee," none of their answers would count.
  4. Whoever had the most original responses would win either that round or you can tally up point at the end of each game. 
  5. This site lets you adjust how much time you allow for each round, which you can experiment with after a few games. The point is to come up with as many words as you can within the time given: the goal is to think fast! But with some older and younger ages in the mix, having a bit more time can be better.

Virtual Trivia

Look at our members go! Thanks !

Virtual trivia is another game that can be fun for every age!

Transitioning from in-person trivia to gaming on a live streaming platform can sometimes be a little daunting, especially when you’re working with your grandparents! But, it is one of the best and easiest games to translate into the virtual world!

There are certain tips and tricks to follow to make virtual trivia the best socially distant online activity you can fro your family. Here’s how you can bring the fun of virtual programming to them:

  1. First you have to decide whether or not you want to make your own trivia or use a platform, like Kahoot.
  2. Making your own question can make it a bit more personalized, but it will definitely take up more of your time.
  3. When choosing or making the content, choose an appropriate level of challenge, and make them fun! This can be tough with older and younger populations, so picking a topic that everyone knows evenly is important.
  4. Kahoot makes it easier to find questions about a range of topics and then just just it! You don’t need to share your screen for this game, because you can access their site online and insert a pin so you’re all playing the same game. 
  5. However, since the point of these games is for their grandchildren and grandparents to interact, we suggest still getting on FaceTime or something so you can enjoy the time together while playing!



Soduko is another great virtual gaming option. It's a numbers game where you have to fill in corresponding rows, columns, and boxes with numbers one through nine. It's often played in the newspaper, but now there are tons of Sudoku options online. 

However, if the grandchildren are very young this will be a little tougher to play.

We suggest using a Sodoku playing website like this, so all of your players can see the screen at once.

Then, choose the difficulty level and get started! The website above is helpful because they have a relatively easy level that allows users to check their work as they go.

It can be challenging, but it's very fun and a good way to stretch your mental skills at any age.


Source: Scholastic.

Who else remembers this book?! iSpy is just as fun to play online as it is with the series.

There are a couple of ways you can play with online game with grandparents.

  1. One option is that you have the players set up their computers in a room with a crowded background. Then, they get to say "I spy…" and choose an element in their own room that the other players could see. Make sure the player saying "I spy" is pinned on the screen so everyone can see them.
  2. A second option is that you the user saying "I spy" can pick something from any room, not just their own, so you have to review all the screens to make a choice.
  3. The third option is using an "I Spy" image online, and sharing that on the pinned screen. Then, you can follow the list of words that are suggested, or make some or your own.

This game will be sure to have the whole family laughing and is a great little activity you can play for ten minutes or three hours!

Conclusion: The Best Virtual Game to Play with Grandparents and Grandkids?

Well, there's no right answer to that. Give them all a shot and see which works best for the grandparents, grandkids, and of course: you too! 

Need more activities for the older adults in your life? Check out our Televeda membership options here! 

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