September 4, 2023

Where to Find Virtual Activities for Older Adults [2024]

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As a resurgence across the world, it’s essential to keep populations vulnerable to illness safe by practicing social distancing, masking, and avoiding crowded areas and events. 

At the same time, social interaction is critical for adults at any age, and even decreases the risk of depression, dementia, and anxiety. Enter virtual activities: the perfect solution that allows seniors to socialize and get active in an accessible, safe way that allows flexibility for everyone.

Where to Find Online Events & Activities for Older Adults

At Televeda, we work to combat the effects of social isolation with our interactive live-stream events that encourage engagement and connection. Online virtual classes are an excellent way to make friends, get active, work their brains, and have fun! 

If you’re wondering where to find virtual and online events for seniors and the elderly online, we have some ideas for both older adults, caretakers, and activity directors. We’ve included a bunch of online activities and live streaming activities--that aren’t just Zoom calls or Zoom games! 

1. Televeda

We have to say it! Older adults can join Televeda classes for free to get social, active, meet new people, and combat loneliness. Our accessible live-streaming capabilities allow users to make friends and have fun, while our customizable calendars enable senior centers to use our classes, host their own, or make custom requests to meet all their needs for virtual activities for older adults. 

From virtual trivia and bingo to online yoga and Tai Chi, all of the weekly events can be streamed directly to resident rooms or from one's homes, making it the “place” to go for virtual senior center activities. As a community partner, Televeda develops and implements programming that puts organizations at competitive advantage among other senior living centers, and allows you and your staff to focus on the core duties and needs of your organization. 

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2. Not Just Bingo       

What's your biggest activities challenge? Not Just Bingo can help! 

Not Just Bingo is an incredible site full of ideas for adults, activity directors, and other resources that help senior community staff plan endless online activities and in person events. 

With how-to articles, a free email series, and even a membership option, you can get tons of great ideas to help you get started and improve your virtual activity offerings. 

Some DabbleSack offerings! 

3. DabbleSack

DabbleSack is an online store that curates products for seniors, older community, and caregivers. It isn’t completely online--you can find puzzles, coloring books, and paint sets--but lots of their items can also be used in an online format, and they even have virtual activity kits! 

4. BBC Language 

You’re never too old to learn something new, so why not a language? In fact, studies have found that bilingualism may delay the onset of dementia. For beginners and beyond, BBC Language offers free language classes in 40 different languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Italian.

What’s more, the platform has a kids' section to allow seniors to learn alongside their grandkids!

5. Let’s Stick Together 

Let’s Stick Together is a very unique virtual activity that is fun for all ages, and can also be done in person. It’s similar to “paint by number” but it’s “stick by number” where you--and anyone else you want--can add stickers to a virtual or real sticker board until a creation is made. 

No matter where you are, you can see the virtual sticker board come together as people work on it from their own devices, until you’ve created something beautiful. 

It’s best to watch it in action, so check it out:

6. Two Old Bitches Podcast

This activity is going to be perfect for older women who want some entertainment and introspection from people like them: listening to the Two Old Bitches podcast! Feminist thinkers and activists Idelisse Malavé, 74,  and Joanne Sandler, 70, share the stories of women over 50 whose perspectives and experiences disrupt what it means to be “old” and reclaim what it means to be a “bitch.”  

Join their conversations with edgy elder women who make their own rules – whether it’s about politics, love, sex, work, family or fashion. Together they explode myths about gender and aging and re-define what it means to be a woman at any age.  They’re authors, podcasters, and just for the record, by B.I.T.C.H., they mean: Being In Total Charge of Herself.

Make it interactive by creating discussion groups based on their topics, and get chatting! 

7. Google Games 

Brain games like Train Your Brain are a great way for seniors to work on their memory skills while having fun. There are different Train Your Brain versions to work on different parts of the brain, including Visuospatial Games, Coordination Games, Attention Games, and Memory Games.

Other great Google game options for seniors include Parcheesi, Word Search, Maze, and Dominoes. 

Bonus? Play online games with your grandkids to get some extra loving socializing in! 

At Televeda, we play brain games and virtual bingo every week! Come join us at our next game! 

8. Social Media 

Get your seniors on social media! Although some may think social media is a young man’s game, it can also be used to facilitate communication and socialization at any age.

For example, Facebook Messenger is a great way for seniors to connect with long-lost relatives, old friends, and their beloved grandkids. Messenger has text and video messaging options and can be used on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Some great social accounts full of resources for adults and their caregivers? 

  • @theirgoldenyears
  • @thedementiaguru
  • @caregivingadvice
  • @twooldbitches
  • @dabblesack
  • @LifewithGrams
  • @lovetocarefor
  • @ourlittlepeaceofmind

Find the Best Virtual Activities for Older Adults

There are a lot of activity options available to help older adults stay active and make friends virtually. But for an accessible experience that can be enjoyed by seniors anywhere, turn to Televeda. Televeda's award-winning community platform is a safe space for individuals to share stories and experiences, enjoy life events, and learn new things in an inclusive atmosphere.

From bingo to chair yoga to creative writing and more, there's a plethora of virtual activities adults of all ages can enjoy--and make new friends while they're doing it! 

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Are you part of a community center, senior living community, or town or city that needs supports improving engagement at their virtual and hybrid events? Televeda can help there too! Our white labeled services help organizations seamlessly digitize their offerings so that everyone can connect with their local community.

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