Brain Games

About Brain Games

Enjoy brain games once a week by playing trivia, scattergories, word unscramble, wordle, and lots more! 

Have fun and make friends as you stretch you brain! 

Why Participants Love Brain Games: 

Awesome class!  It's always a bright spot in my day to be able to interact with everyone!  Truly a gift!  Thank you Sean, Televeda, and Friends!

Another great class full of laughter and fun! Thank you!

Sean did a great job hosting!  When we had an impromptu special guest who volunteered to teach us geography by sharing about her island of Trinidad and Tobago. Sean easily handed the reins over to her so she could teach us.  When she was finished he guided us back to our initial geography game.  Excellent leadership, Sean!  Wonderful class!  I learned so much and got to connect with people in a way that was very nourishing and mind expanding!  Thank you.

It's great to be able to participate without worrying about exposure. It's so convenient to play at home. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

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