May 26, 2021

How to Digitize Bingo: Bringing Bingo Online So Everyone Can Enjoy It

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Winning a round of bingo can be so much fun: You get to shout “Bingo” and take home a nice prize. Still, everyone would probably agree that winning is not at all that important in a game of bingo.

What really counts is spending some time with friends or just like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do.

Bringing Bingo Online so That Everyone Can Enjoy It

Unfortunately, last year was anything but great for socializing, especially for older adults. This community has for long been the synonym for bingo games, even though with the expansion of online casinos, bingo has found its way into many people’s lists of favorite games. 

Many older adults, confined to their homes, miss participating in their favorite pastime in these uncertain times. There should be a way to bring the experience of playing bingo to them.

Fortunately, there are already several promising attempts to make this happen—from video calls to VR bingo games. Bingo is, in fact, well on its way to becoming more accessible to everyone.

Let’s see what alternatives people have when walking into a bingo hall, for various reasons, is no longer an option.

Online Bingo Games

Online bingo the hybrid way: in person groups and individuals online! 

The revolution has already started, and nowadays, when you say bingo, many people will think of the online version rather than brick-and-mortar bingo halls and paper tickets. 

It seems that this innovation is geared more toward a younger audience, typically more used to smartphones and other similar devices, shutting out many less tech-savvy people who enjoy playing bingo.

However, for those willing to try and get over this initial bump on the road, online bingo games can be a decent substitute for the real-life version. After all, the fun and excitement of the game are real, no matter how and where you play.

There are many options already available for playing online bingo. For example, many online casinos offer bingo games

However, online bingo usually lacks an aspect of the game essential for many players: socializing. That’s why we’ll take a further look at some other options and discuss how we can bring bingo closer to all bingo aficionados.

Video Call Solutions

Another solution, already underway, is organizing real-time bingo events through virtual communication platforms. Playing bingo via live streaming platforms is becoming more and more popular among older people, and it deserves as much support as possible. 

Many older people are already comfortable using technology like video call solutions to connect with their loved ones. Many have grown accustomed to it following the introduction of social distancing rules.

That’s why, for most, playing bingo via live stream doesn’t require mastering any new technologies, unlike online bingo games that can be somewhat complicated because players need to create an account and provide card details before they can start playing.  

Furthermore, these solutions take into account all obstacles standing in the way of older bingo players and remove them from the equation one by one.

  • Crowded spaces? These games can be tailored to fit fewer people to create the perfect atmosphere to play bingo.
  • Hand-eye coordination? Printable or online bingo cards are easily set up, making them accessible to all participants.
  • The need to socialize? Live streaming allows participants to interact just as they would offline.

All things considered, this is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends—and make new ones—without strenuous exertions or endangering your health. Players get to enjoy all the fun and thrill without leaving the comfort of their home.

Several companies, like here at Televeda, are working on making this a reality: any older adult can enjoy the platform for free to play bingo (or the other variety of virtual classes offered). Sound interesting? Sign up here! 

Still, some minor obstacles need to be overcome in the future. Bingo games via live streaming still require dedication to educating older people about using PCs and other devices to participate in such activities. 

Playing Bingo in Virtual Reality

Source: The VR Shop.

While this may look like a futuristic solution, VR is an excellent tool to help people feel connected, and it’s a technology that can be successfully adapted to bingo and other games with an element of gambling in them.

This frontier is not yet explored enough—it’s still in its infancy. Nonetheless, some online casinos have already started experimenting with combining VR and Bingo, creating a unique experience everyone can enjoy. 

This solution would bring every single benefit of bingo to the table. Bingo is well-known for its health benefits, such as increasing alertness and mental flexibility in older adults, something that just a few other online games can accomplish so easily.

Hand-eye coordination is also essential. Most importantly, it could bring back that most precious side effect of playing bingo: fun and laughter.

We might have to wait for quite some time for VR bingo to become accessible to everyone since this technology is still very expensive.

But it seems that we’re moving in that direction as the prices of VR sets are steadily going down. 

The Future of Bingo: It's Hybrid! 

After exploring all these options, we can see that bingo is already on its way to becoming a game people can play remotely, while other counterparts can play in person in a group as a hybrid event.

With so many solutions currently available, and hopefully, more to come, everyone will be able to enjoy playing bingo without even leaving their house. 

The current options seem to be catered to specific audiences. Online bingo games are typically an excellent solution for bingo enthusiasts who love playing bingo for the thrill of it.

Live streaming solutions maintain the social aspect of playing this fun game and are perfect for establishing and maintaining relationships among players.

Ultimately, VR takes it to a whole new level, involving more technology and creating a truly immersive experience. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since bingo has proved time and again to be so much more than a passing fad.

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