October 27, 2021

Where to Take Free Online Tai Chi Classes for Seniors

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Tai chi is a traditional Chinese martial arts form that can improve balance, flexibility, and coordination. There are many places to take free tai chi classes online, but we've compiled a short list that includes some of  the best ones below for active adults to enjoy.  

What is Tai Chi? 

Tai Chi, sometimes known as “shadow boxing,” is a Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. This exercise form is often used to calm anxiety, support one’s mental health, and create a better and healthier lifestyle.

Tai Chi can be beneficial for anyone’s health, but specifically benefits seniors and older adults who are looking to get more active and meet some new friends in the process! 

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Why is Tai Chi Beneficial for Seniors? 

Let’s take a look at all of the ways Tai Chi can support older adults’ mental, physical, and social health. 

1. Improved Mental health

Tai Chi is a combination of exercise and mindfulness meditation. A 2013 study of Tai Chi and yoga for prenatal women with anxiety and depression found that the Tai Chi group had lower depression and anxiety, as well as lower sleep disturbance at the end of the 12-week, once-per-week sessions.

2. Enhanced Longevity

Tai Chi is a mind-body practice that originated in China and remains the most popular form of exercise for Chinese adults. In addition to the proven benefits for reduced mortality from moderate-intensity exercise, like walking and jogging, researchers found the first evidence that Tai Chi also promotes longevity.

In addition, the meditative nature of Tai Chi combined with the deep breathing and visualization involved in its practice can have a calming effect on the nervous system.

3. Improve your sleep quality 

Due to the movement of the Tai Chi practice, as well as the meditation involved, it also leads to better sleep quality. Reduced anxiety and depression, as well as a calmer nervous system, means that adults practicing Tai Chi can find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

tai chi instructor
One of our online Tai Chi instructors guiding her class.

4. Boost cognitive function

Cognitive function can decline as we get older. As the body ages, the more beneficial Tai Chi practice can be to one’s cognition. A recent study found that Tai Chi can significantly  boost your cognitive function, such as with memory and learning, mental speed, attention, and visuospatial perception.

You can read more on how just Tai Chi does that (hint: it involves plasma brain-derived neurotrophic factor and resting-state functional connectivity of control) here. 

5. Reduce risk of falls 

Older adults have a higher risk of falling than the general population. In 2016, a study was conducted focusing on Tai Chi’s effect on fall reduction, and it was determined that this exercise significantly reduced this risk.

Sounds good right? Sign up for your first free tai chi class (and more free events) on Televeda right now!

How Do I Do Tai Chi? 

Tai Chi is performed in a series of movements in a noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. The instructor of the class can teach you many specific positions and customize your practice so that you can participate in Tai Chi safely. 

A class may include some of these moves (there are 108 Tai Chi movements  in total)! 

Drawing the Bow: 

Draw the Bow (or Shoot the Bow) opens the chest and lungs, strengthening and stimulating the heart and circulation. To do “Draw the Bow,” one mimics drawing an imaginary bow. 

Touch the Sky: 

Touch the Sky is a simple exercise that can be great as a warm-up, cool-down, or anything in between. While standing up straight, keep your arms relaxed on your lap, hands facing one another. As you inhale, bring your arms up to chest height, and then exhale as you flip your palms outside and continue to raise your hands above your head. 

Golden Lion Shakes its Mane: 

This is a movement that involves a healthy twist. While seated, breathe deeply and lean forward slowly until you can feel a stretch in your back. Then, twist one shoulder forward carefully, letting your back, neck, and head turn as well. Return to the middle, and then twist the other direct. 

Want to follow along with an expert instructor? Join our upcoming free Tai Chi classes on the Televeda platform. 

Where Can I Take Free Tai Chi Classes Online for Seniors?


Wondrium is a website that offers a range of different courses, including Tai Chi for adults. 


YouTube can be a great source for free videos of Tai Chi (and other movement workouts)! Check out this YouTube video of Tai Chi practices you can follow along with. Some other accounts to look at include The Mayo Clinic and Living Better.

tai chi instructor
Follow along with free Tai Chi classes on Televeda!


Televeda is an events management platform that empowers recreational centers to engage active and older adults through live, virtual-hybrid social activities. But we don’t stop there: we also provide daily movement classes of yoga and Tai Chi that any senior can join for free! Sign up for your first free tai chi class (and more) today! 

Conclusion: Seniors Should Try Free Tai Chi! 

Online Tai Chi allows seniors to access this incredible movement practice from the comfort and safety of their own homes. You can join from anywhere with an Internet connection—so you don’t  have to worry about running late for class! 

 Sign up for your first free tai chi class (and more free events) on Televeda right now!

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