July 21, 2021

Top Virtual Event Management Softwares of 2021


The past year demonstrated the value of social connections and community, even when we can’t all meet face-to-face. 

Keeping communities connected and safe is a big imperative for community managers today. In many ways, Covid 19 only sped up many trends already underway, including the rapid expansion of online communities and hybrid/virtual events

This means that virtual community management has become essential for any community manager or activity director. By offering virtual and hybrid options, communities can be more resilient, see increased event attendance, have more engaged members, and overall become stronger together. 

What exactly is a virtual event platform? 

Virtual event management platforms are a great way to simplify your life, save time, and make the process of planning events easier. 

There are many platforms available today to meet the diverse needs of different communities. They can range from live streaming events to complete virtual event management platforms that handle everything from marketing to hosting the event to content creation. 

Some are designed for one-time events; others can help you build and engage your audience before, during, and after; and still others are more focused on event marketing. Some platforms, like Televeda, are designed for more personal events with a niche community in mind.

Why would I use a virtual event management platform? 

Increased efficiencies: 

Planning, finding instructors or hosts, choosing the right live streaming platform, providing tech support, marketing the event, and more...can all take up a lot of time. The amount of time you can save using an event management platform can increase the efficiency of your organization, and give you time back to work on other projects or priorities.

Plus, with great event management software, you can expand your offerings, reach more members, and even increase your organizational revenue. 

Support your staff: 

It can be tough on employees to start managing virtual events, especially if they don’t have previous experience. Using an event management platform provides them with expertise and support. However, the level of support can vary depending on the platform you choose. At Televeda, we become part of our partners’ teams, as the admin, tech support, event planners, and content providers. 

Improve your offerings: 

Virtual event management is also important if you want to track participant engagement with your event. 

Depending on the platform, You can use the analytics on these platforms to see attendees, their interactions, how long they stayed at events, and any feedback they have. This data will help you become more efficient at creating virtual options that meet the needs of today’s modern audience.

10 Best Virtual Event Management Platforms of 2021

Virtual event software has come a long way and now there are many to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best for you! With so many different options, we’ve curated a list of some of the best management platforms and some of the key features and benefits they offer. 

1. Hubilo

With Gary Vee as a headline guest, Hubilo is built for star power and big events. Perfect for hosting large conferences and expos, Hubilo delivers a first-class platform for in-person, virtual or hybrid events, and has a customer success team on hand to help you along the way.

They offer tier pricing from $99 a month for 50 registrants but to really get the full value from the platform, you'll probably want to get the pro at $799.

2. Televeda

Televeda is an events management platform that empowers recreational and civic centers to engage active and older adults through live, virtual-hybrid social activities designed to reduce social isolation and build community resilience. Televeda is an easy way to improve your communities reputation by adding value and reach to your events, and connecting seniors with each other and family both in person and online. You can also track attendance to improve your programming.

With end-to-end service from digitizing classes to handling tech support and staff training, they’re a virtual event management software designed with the senior community in mind. You can sign up for free for up to 50 members to trial the platform, or start with a free demo.

3. vFairs

vFairs is a comprehensive virtual event software that helps bring organizers and attendees together for larger events such as conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and university open days. Designed to serve a diverse group, their events support several languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese. vFairs offers personalized pricing, so you'll have to reach out for a quote.

4. Accelevents

Accelevants is a complete event platform with a built-in production studio and gamification for media-rich events. They can help you manage everything from ticket sales to engagement, with features such as live streaming and chat, and virtual exhibitor booths. They offer per-event pricing starting at $500 an event.

5. Canapii 

Canapii is a scalable online event management platform with unique tools for events around the world. From small workshops to large conferences, you can replicate in-person events to deliver a connected, intimate experience even when attendees are joining around the world.

AI voice translation and unique engagement tools help people connect no matter where they are and what language they speak. They offer a three-tier pricing model starting at $149/month.

6. ClearEvent

ClearEvent makes organizing sports events easy with customizable schedules, online ticket sales and tools to help organizers work together. Sports tournaments, award ceremonies and social events are made easily collaborative. An affordable option, ClearEvent has monthly subscriptions for as little as $9 a month.

7. BigMarker

BigMarker's leading webinar platform is the perfect way to create an aspirational virtual event. Design every aspect of the live experience from how panel discussions look, to Interactive Q&A sessions, and call to actions. Monthly plans start at $79 a month.

8. Blue Jeans by Verizon

Blue Jeans by Verizon is a video conferencing tool similar to Zoom, but includes features like transcriptions and a white boards to help with better communication and documentation. From one-to-one meetings to large-scale webinars and live events, Blue Jeans can help you manage any size event. Blue Jeans offers a 3-tier per host billing plan with customized pricing for larger organizations.

9. Hopin

Hopin is an event management tool that makes it easy for attendees to connect before and after the event. Great for building a community that extends beyond the event and drives future engagement. Create immersive events for virtual and hybrid environments with tools to help you team manage and track all the details. They offer a subscription model at $80 and $600.

10. Planning Pod

The ultimate organizer's tool, Planning Pod offers tools to planners to help them streamline and organize events. Build event websites, collect event registration, and process and track attendee data on an easy-to-use app that keeps the whole team on track. Options range from $19 to $69 a month.

What is the best virtual event management platform?

With so many different virtual event management solutions in the market, understanding the needs of your community and team is paramount before investing your time and energy in a solution. For that reason, it's worth it to take the time to select software that can meet those needs. 

At Televeda, we work to engage and connect senior communities and civic organizations by digitizing activities, providing top tier content, and all the support needed in the support. We’re the only solution specifically designed for older adults to access in-person, virtual & hybrid programs. Our recreational partners save more time and increase their success with our software, activities portal and managed services ecosystem. 

To learn more about how Televeda can seamlessly digitize activities at your community organization, visit our plans and pricing page. 

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