June 30, 2021

Best Recreation Management Softwares of 2021


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live our lives, especially the way we interact with other people. With social distancing being the norm, activities have evolved to include both virtual and hybrid social events using live streaming technology

And recreational management software will be the key to the success of these events in 2021. 

Everything has gone hybrid or virtual, from tours and seminars, to virtual bingo and trivia, to telewellness and geriatric medicine...and the popularity of these events has shot up 1,000% ever since the pandemic. Everybody is attending or organizing their niche events with people from across the world. 

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Even seniors are riding this online revolution. They’ve joined the virtual events bandwagon by filling up their social schedule with curated virtual events especially for them, whether they are in a senior center community, or at their own home. 

No matter the age, participation in these events proved beneficial to everybody’s mental health and well-being. They not only provide cognitive and social stimulation, but also the general feeling of belonging and normalcy—for both organizers and participants.

What is Recreation Management? 

As the number of virtual experiences rises, so does the need for good recreational software to help manage the virtual events. Recreation managers plan, organize, and direct recreation and leisure programs at civic centers, parks & recreation programs, and other community organizations. 

From finding events and instructors, to hosting the actual event using live streaming technology, to doing the back-end technical support, to analyzing attendance data from the event...there’s a lot that recreational management platforms can help out with. 

The good news for these event organizers is that there is quite a lot of recreational management software to choose from, no matter what industry you are in. We have compiled a list of the best software to help you start off your search. 

Top Recreation Management Platforms 

1. CommunityPass

CommunityPass is a cloud-based recreation management software made especially for school-based programs. It offers contactless solutions for payments and recurring billings. Students can also register online for class activities and trips or sign up to be a volunteer. Prices start at $3,450 per year, and there is free trial offering. 

Best for: Sports centers, schools, parks & rec centers 

2. Aventri

Whether you are hosting an in-person, online, or hybrid event, Aventri can power all your event marketing needs. Aventri allows you to build event websites, create marketing campaigns, and collect and analyze event data that you can use to determine your events in the future. You can go directly to their website for a free demo and price, and their dedicated sales team will be happy to help.

Best for: Trade shows, road shows, conferences 

3. RecTrac

RecTrac by Vermont Systems allows parks, counties, libraries, and golf parks to manage their services. It enables people to make reservations and registrations online as well as make payments, manage training schedules, and schedule tournaments. RecTrac also allows organizations to track their members’ activities. Prices start at $245.

Best for: Golf parks, sports leagues, military 

4. Televeda

Televeda is a cloud-based recreation platform that caters primarily to organizations serving older adults. Its mission is to ease social isolation and loneliness experienced by seniors through live, online interaction, and they do this by making it simple for senior centers, senior living communities, cities, libraries, and even healthcare systems to manage their online event offerings. It can host virtual or hybrid events with ease of use for all mobility and background levels.

Televeda offers customizable calendars that allow communities to use pre-programmed schedules, or they can make their own schedules. It provides two-way livestreaming to enable seniors to make friends authentically. A fully staffed help desk is available via chat, email, or phone should problems arise. 

Best for: Senior centers, senior living communities, civic organizations 

Get started for free today. 

5. CampDoc

Medical doctors, nurses, and camp directors designed CampDoc to be an easy-to-use web-based solution for managing health forms, temperature checks, allergies, and medications, to name a few. With this SaaS system, the health staff at camp can have instant access to medical information when they need it.

An online registration allows parents to sign up their campers and pay via credit card or electronic checks. Pricing is $4 per participant. 

Best for: Healthcare systems and medical staff 

6. Eventleaf

Are you hosting seminars, workshops, corporate events, award shows, or other B2B events?  Whether real or virtual, Eventleaf allows you to create registration forms customized for the events, sell tickets, and construct event websites. Their pricing tier includes a starter option for one free event per year for 150 people, and all of their plans offer a free trial.

Best for: Workshops, trade shows, conferences 

7. ConfTool

Available in more than 15 languages, ConfTool hosts virtual academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. Its tools help organizers manage the submission and review process of academic abstracts and papers and provide a platform for communication between writers and contributors. A free license is available for non-commercial use up to 150 participants. If you want to upgrade to ConfTool Pro, the price is available upon request.

Best for: Academic conferences, seminars, and other educational endeavors 

8. Hubb

For events professionals specializing in B2B events, the Hubb platform is a full service event management for on-site, virtual, and hybrid events. The SaaS system created by professional event planners for event professionals, Hubb supports agenda building, speaker management, exhibitor portals, registration, mobile apps, analytics, and more. Prices start at $25,000 per event.

Best for: Conferences, professional events 

9. BlueJeans by Verizon

BlueJeans by Verizon is a robust platform that provides a straightforward solution for virtual face-to-face meetings and events. It combines HD video, high-quality video, and web conferencing for cloud-based or massive interactive events.

It has features that are built for meetings, events, and even for health care. It can easily be integrated with existing collaboration tools like Office 365, Google calendar, and many more. It’s free to try, and you can contact their sales representative for prices.

Best for: Internal meetings, telehealth, webinars 

10. Sports Connect

Sports Connect is a web service dedicated to all aspects of sports — league management, sports websites, and online registration. Register players online and process payments safely, as well as manage any sports event online and more. Prices start from $0.30 per person online. 

Best for: sports clubs and leagues, both local and national 

The Takeaway on Recreational Management Platforms

Technology has helped satisfy our need for social interaction in new ways, and virtual events have certainly eased the feeling of social isolation during the tough time of the pandemic. For organizations looking to scale their events and grow their community, getting on the virtual and hybrid event train is a must, and recreational management tools can help you do that easily! 

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