November 10, 2021

What Jobs Can I Do Over 65? Fun Job Ideas for Older Adults and Seniors

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Many adults are staying employed or going back to work even though they've reached the traditional retirement age, around 65. Emerging evidence suggests that people may be working past retirement for reasons other than financial — some studies link this trend to better health and longevity.

One question often comes to mind for older adults: what jobs can I do after 65? Is it too late to change careers at 65 years of age? Or are there new jobs you can try after you retire? Of course! This is a time in your life you should be savoring. Now consider doing something you love—take time to follow a passion while making some money! 

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Some seniors want a full-time career, while others need a little extra income. By leveraging the skills, interests, and talents developed during their previous careers, older adults can find fulfilling work that fits their lifestyle. It is easier than ever, thanks to the help of older adults using more technology.

This article details some of the best jobs for older adults looking to re-enter or reinvent employment in their golden years.

Top Job Ideas for Adults After Retirement [Full time & Part Time]


A readiness to retire doesn't always mean being done with work. Instead, it may be an excellent time for you to become an independent consultant and focus on the things that make your heart sing! As many professionals approach retirement age, they reach a point at which they want more say in when or if they continue working at all (i.e., they may want to spend less time working each day).

Many who still love their jobs but don't want to work such demanding hours anymore become consultants, and you can definitely consult before retirement.

Consider leveraging your years of experience and expertise, and don't stop networking. Continuing relationships built over decades within one's industry opens up possibilities not only during full-time employment but also after retiring from it altogether. Consulting offers diverse opportunities for travel or virtual work.

Your years of wisdom are invaluable, and might literally be invaluable…consultants can make a pretty penny!


Do you love driving? Driving is a great way to make some extra money on the side. There are several ways you could go about it: create your own driving service; drive for companies like car dealerships, Uber, or Lyft; work for delivery companies like Amazon or DoorDash; work for local organizations that need help delivering local orders.

With the rise in home delivery goods and services, private driving gigs are in demand and can be a super side hustle to your retirement as you explore the world around you.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

There are plenty of ways you can turn your love of furry friends into a lucrative side gig. In the last two years, pet ownership has skyrocketed, and an increasing number of people hire pet sitters when they need to leave town or spend long days at the office.

You could start your own business as a pet sitter or work for a company already in place, such as Rover and Wag. Volunteering at shelters is another way to contribute. While this option won’t provide payment, if you love animals, it’s a great option!



Cash in on the things you love! This is the time of your life to pursue your passion and capitalize on your skill. Converting a hobby into a side gig will not only keep you socially engaged, but you can also have fun and make money. 

For example, do you love photography? Start a business as a local photographer. Talented seamstress? There are plenty of people eager to pay for alterations and custom designs. Are you an artist who loves to paint? Consider showcasing your work at a local coffee shop or farmers' market.

Whether it’s cooking, gardening, language teaching or more, there are lots of talents you have that others would appreciate! Plus, a lot of these activities can be taught virtually these days, allowing you to reach interested folks from all over.



Up-cycling is another great way to make money, and it's a huge trend. Seniors can make extra cash by reimagining items they have lying around the house or repurposing them for use on other projects.

Trending upcycled products include larger items such as chairs, bookshelves, and end tables. You can also check out estate sales for inspirations, and repurpose those items to sell.

Another option is selling your older clothing to second-hand stores, either locally, or by shipping them to organizations like Thredup that give you money for them, while they do the selling work. Plus, it's better for the environment--and your wallet if you're doing any purchasing! Prefer to do the selling yourself? Try eBay or PoshMark!

Handy-person for Hire

Monetize your love for fixing things by becoming a handy person. Depending on your skill set and interests, there are many services you could offer. You might paint rooms or fences, weed lawns and hedges, put together flat-pack furniture, and many more.

Maintenance services such as basic oil changes and changing air filters are everyday services that many don't have time to do themselves. Winterizing services for things as small as lawnmowers to as large as RVs are also profitable and in demand.

The list of handy work is endless, and you can either do these jobs independently, or work for one of the many task-focused companies out there now, like Task Rabbit that covers all odd jobs, or others that are more service-specific, like Angi's List for all things home.



You can tutor people in almost anything, from math to science to art to languages and more!

If you have a musical hobby, like singing or playing an instrument, perhaps you'd like to offer private tutoring. People of all ages want to learn how to play music and sing, and it would give so much joy to those you teach.

You can provide in-person or online lessons, depending on your preference and schedule. Starting your tutoring business can be affordable. All you need is a quiet room where other household members won't interrupt. You can also find online tutoring opportunities working for larger companies, like teaching English to foreign students, or even online grading.


Online Writer & Editor

Online editing is an accessible, flexible job option that allows you to work while you can. From educational texts, to blog posts, and more, you can get a job doing a wide variety of writing and editing projects, or other creative endeavors.

You can either work for a blog writing service, which will hire you to write blogs for others, list your expertise on websites like Upwork and Fiverr, or work for an individual company that needs support with their blog writing.

In fact, Televeda is always looking for blog contributors! Feel free to email if you're interested.

Online Teacher

You can also show off your skills as an online teacher. This isn't exactly the same as tutoring but can be similar. We have "retired" adults on our platform teaching a variety of classes and events, like Thomasina Shealey's "Lifelong Learning" classes on Tuesdays.

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Meet Thomasina! 

Thomasina doesn't let "retirement" stop her. She divides her  life between California and the south of France, with a passion for Investing, Real Estate, Sports TV, Indie Music, French Cafés, and living a simple life near the coast. Her online teaching series on Televeda will cover a range of topics from financial literacy to real estate, to MENSA brain workouts to travel and ex-pat French culture.

More about Thomasina: New Paltz University (New York) B.A. Economics Class of '79 · Golden Gate University (California) Masters Degree Finance MBA Class of '88. Thomasina is an Entrepreneur, Relocation Specialist, Consultant. Mentor, Writer, Author, and Lecturer. Amazing right? Join one of her upcoming classes!  


Conclusion: Get Some Great Jobs as a "Retiree!"

There are so many creative and lucrative jobs that 60+-year-olds can do. This is your time, so if a quiet retirement isn't for you, start a new career in your golden years. Find something you're passionate about and get a job focused on that.

If you're ready for more activity in your day and to explore new skills and interests, take a fun, free class on Televeda by joining our virtual community for free! Challenging your mind, staying socially engaged, and remaining physically active can lead you down a path toward continued health and happiness. The only limit to your business is your imagination! 

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