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About Online Drawing & Painting

This workshop is for everyone to explore self-expression and find meaningful friendships within a supportive and creative community. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner just looking to explore, this is the place! Learn the basics of sketching and drawing with artist Tal Dvir.

Upcoming Online Drawing & Painting Classes

Free Drawing & Painting Classes

Every Monday, 11 am PST, 2 pm EST [Get a Reminder]

For 10/18/21, you'll use water colors to paint a beautiful scene from the Sabnio Canyon:

Tal will break it down to simple shapes through step-by-step guidelines.

Those who would like to use water colors will need the following:


Watercolors paper (12"x9" or bigger)

Paint brushes

HB/H2 pencil

Palette or any plastic plate etc.

Wash cloth or paper towels

Water container

Kneaded eraser


If you don't have watercolors, you can still learn by drawing with pencil to paper

For drawing: Pencils, drawing paper, eraser, paper towels (to blend) and sharpener

Paid Drawing & Painting Classes

You can purchase a ticket for paid drawing classes on the Chandler Rec at Home website.

About Our Drawing & Painting Instructions

Painting contemporary impressionism and realism, artist Tal Dvir's work is a reflection of life and its surroundings. At 16, he was admitted to the prestigious Witzo School of Art. His work has been displayed nationally and internationally, including in Tel Aviv, California and Arizona.

What members are saying about this virtual drawing class

"Good presentation in a pleasant voice. The instructor continued to talk during the procedure, which I liked, because it gave me the time I needed to apply my strokes and assess my work not feeling hurried."

"I will share my satisfaction with this class in my group of friends. I appreciate having this opportunity to learn and practice art skills through this media."

"Even as a virtual class (hybrid), Tal is able to convey the lessons so well. He does a good job of working with varied skill levels so that even I, with little drawing experience, am getting some great pointers. I like that he has us work with charcoal and pencil so that we gain skills with both."

"Cubism was a real stretch for my brain.  i liked the limited focus for the class because i was very slow to accomplish each step. Like Zentangle, this class pushes to think outside the box."

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