August 4, 2021

How to Encourage Employees to Use Technology

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Whether due to age, interest, or confidence, some staff are simply resistant to trying new technologies in the workplace. But with the world continuing to change at a rapid pace, technology adoption is now necessary for more (if not all) businesses to maintain and scale their operations.

Whether it’s using new payment methods, tracking data, or hopping on a live stream for a virtual event, organizations need to know how to get their employees comfortable—and confident—with tech.  

Why is it important for staff to learn new technology? 

Encouraging staff to adopt new technologies can really help scale your business. This past year has shown us that without access to technology and an understanding of how to use it, it can be challenging to maintain business operations and provide your services. 

From tracking attendance, to customer service, to hosting virtual classes, staff should be able to take on new technologies with the proper support. At Televeda, we provide virtual events management, and a big part of that is training your staff to be updated and ready with the skills they need to manage virtual and hybrid events. 

Here are some ideas for how to encourage employees to adopt technology into their daily operations.

How to Convince Your Employees to Embrace New Technology

Your leaders and staff enjoy creativity, and they’re doing the work they’re doing because they enjoy connecting to the community.

Teach your team how technology can serve their clients even better using the relevant tech tools necessary for success and connection in this ever-changing world!

Exchange Ideas & Support

Providing an open office space creates a more modern environment, generates ideas, and places "tech users" with more "tech resistant."

You could encourage  messaging with applications such as Slack and create fun online activities for employees with online games (a virtual trivia game or virtual karaoke can be a great team-building option). 

Some virtual trivia for you...

This can create more open communication, so those uncomfortable with technology can build up some confidence and get comfortable asking questions when needed. 

Provide Incentives

Employees may find that they enjoy using technology if you offer them an incentive to use it. Incentives can be in the form of gift cards, promotions, or a simple benefit such as a better parking spot (if you’re in-person).

By creating incentives, you can quickly discover where (and with whom) the resistance lies. Incentives are fun ways to get an entire team involved and generate a collective buy-in, as well as provide information on who might need a bit more support with technological adoption. 

Plus, you can give your team specific bonuses or prizes for using whatever other application you want them to familiarize themselves with. 

Did you get that one right? 

Prioritize Training 

Offering fun and informative training with your team demonstrating how virtual technology can help create efficiency and generate connectivity is an easy way to encourage them to try new tools. It can even be a team bonding experience, with different workshops and levels of support for different people. 

Most platforms offer online training specifically for their product with video series and technical support documentation. Sometimes it can depend on your plan, but using customer support can be helpful here too. 

Whether due to age or the type of work they are doing, some employees won't be interested in new technologies independently. That is why you need to use all customer service and onboarding services that the tech offers. At Televeda, our staff supports all our community partners for any of their administrative, outreach, and technical needs. Our team is their team! 

Offer a Variety of (Good Quality) Devices and Software

iPads or tablets are an incredible way to encourage employees to adopt new technologies. Employees are often more willing to try out new technology when it's something they can use on the go, outside of work hours. 

Offering different devices and software such as iPads or laptops in all your customer service environments will encourage employees to adopt these technologies by providing them with a mobile device so that they can take their work anywhere.


Plus, make sure the technology solutions and software you’re choosing are generally accessible and straightforward to use. Instead of telling individuals who have never emailed before that they need to learn a platform that requires coding, start small. Get them live streaming, using online word processors, or any other applications that can build up their confidence, and then move into more advanced items. 

Another quiz! 

Demonstrate How Hybrid Offices and Events Work

This past year has shown us that telecommuting or remote work can solve a variety of challenges, including physical distancing, lock-downs, and long commutes. Staff who choose a hybrid can stay connected to their clients and their team by adopting new technologies.

Studies show that working from home has its benefits (minus Zoom fatigue of course). It's been found to increase productivity, improve retention rate, and even reduce absenteeism. Encourage employees by allowing them the opportunity to use technology while working from home. 

Depending on your industry, you may see different reasons for encouraging staff to adopt new technologies. For instance, in healthcare, using technology (such as with telecare and telewellness) can increase patient safety and satisfaction. 

Host Fun Hybrid Events

Hosting hybrid events, big or small, cultivates a familiarity with the idea of virtual platforms. Plus, it’s a great way for staff to bond even while working remotely. 

Whether it's a virtual luncheon, an online or hybrid class, or creating a virtual world record bingo event (yep that’s a thing), get creative! Hosting a fun hybrid event generates technology buy-in even with the most resistant employee.

Did you get it right? 

Boost Staff Tech Training

Research shows that resistance to using new technology often comes down to feeling confident. At Televeda, we understand that there are many barriers to accessibility in the digital world: that’s why we built our platform with the tech-shy in mind! 

Our expertise in supporting users of virtual technology is one of the primary reasons communities love our services. We’ll work with your team and take as much time as needed to understand what you want to happen, and then create and launch a unique hybrid or virtual experience for your members. 

If you want to make it easy to digitize your offerings and get your staff started with virtual events, book your free demo today

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