August 18, 2021

9 Top Community Management Programs of 2021

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In the world that exists during (and after) Covid, it’s more important than ever that organizations stay connected. But, that world is different, and the ways we connect are too, meaning organizations have to keep up with consumer and client demands. 

Luckily, for growing communities and community organizations, there are community management platforms to help out. Community management software can help your association organize a variety of your activity needs on one platform. Being able to streamline growth with innovative solutions allows both you and your members to focus on what matters the most: the actual community.

Community Management Softwares of 2021: A Review 

There are many different community management programs available, and all of them have a little something different to offer. Some come with low monthly costs, others have tools to engage with your customers.

It's difficult to know where to start, so we're providing you with the top CMS programs of 2021 (in no particular order, because it really depends on your business needs)!

1. Hivebrite 

hivebrite logo

Originally designed to bring alumni together, Hivebrite has become a management platform for all kinds of organizations, including nonprofits. Hivebrite allows easy organization of events and helps manage membership fees and donations.

Organizations that use the program can have branded portals and easily work with other social media accounts with add-ins. There’s a cost for membership, but they have a free demo available.

2. Televeda

televeda class schedule page
Televeda's class scheduling page makes it easy to find and join events.

This program was designed with seniors in mind. Televeda's missionto help people connect and overcome loneliness through live, social interaction via our accessible live streaming platform. This program offers virtual and hybrid event hosting, online classes, data reporting, customizable calendars, a virtual lobby, and much more on the proprietary platform.

Members can easily connect with others who share similar interests through classes that are offered. It's free for individual seniors looking to join, and organizations can book a free demo to see how Televeda can create and scale their virtual community. You can book your free demo right now! 


tradewing community platform logo

When it became apparent that technology was not catching up with the needs of the marketplace, Tradewing was created. The goal of this program is to connect groups with sponsors and help organizations with their financial goals, like non-dues revenue, and selling event tickets. From board meetings to managing continuing education credits, they do a lot! 

The program is user friendly and also has a free demo for organizations to try out. It’s fully customizable, and also offers a communication service that can help to eliminate redundant modes of communication between members.

4. Higher Logic

higher logic community platform logo

The creators of this program aim to bring organizations closer with their members and those they are serving. By focusing on the community in the organization, Higher Logic believes it's possible to achieve greater retention rates and increase revenue through targeted messages and ads. The company also offers strategic services to help their customers pick the setup that will work best for their organization. The program offers a free demo for anyone interested.

Working with Higher Logic, Vanilla helps bring organizations and their customers together, specifically for customer service needs. It allows you to interact with your customers using a variety of different apps all while seamlessly integrating with your website. They also built the program with SEO in mind, meaning that you won't have to worry about the different plug-ins that many programs require.

5. Personify Corp

personify logo

If you're looking for more engagement from your members, Personify Corp can help with that. They offer gamification (such as badges and leadership boards), multimedia support, a newsfeed, forums, and group collaboration areas. 

They also offer analytical data, giving you a better way to track how successful certain programs are. Another thing that sets Personify from the rest is multimedia tools and onboarding support for new members.

6. Slack

slack community management logo
The Televeda team loves Slack for our remote collaboration needs!

Slack is more of a communication tool than the other community platforms on this list, but it's a great way for internal employees to connect. Many nonprofits and companies have gravitated toward it as remote work has increased in popularity. Slack allows users to engage in several rooms to discuss different topics. It results in faster communication and group collaboration on projects without needing a confusing email chain or Zoom fatigue.

7. Disciple

disciple community platform logo

Engagement with employees, content, customers is the goal of this platform. Disciple offers many of the same engagement tools that are used by other social media, including hashtags, polls, mentions, and moderation tools. You can sell courses, charge subscriptions, live stream, and so much more.

 It also has a dashboard that helps moderate the entire program easily. If you don't want the Disciple brand to show on your website, they can change that for you too, easily adapting your branding into their program, like we do when we white label our virtual lobby! 

8. Localist


If you're more focused on event planning and marketing, this program might be for you. Localist will help you see the data from your event, such as the cost, attendance, profits, and other details. 

They will also help you get a broader look at the metrics involved in event success, helping you to ensure that you are providing events that your targeted audience is looking for.

9. Tribe

tribe community platform logo

The focus at Tribe is the interaction between the company and the customers. It will allow you to host forums, answer questions through a messaging app, and has Google Analytics integrations. Tribe also allows for customizable content and is already SEO-ready for ease of use. With an activity feed, options to explore content and branding, this program can help give organizations an easy user experience.

Conclusion: Let’s Make Community Management Easier!

There are many CMS programs available for use, which one you choose will depend entirely on your organization's needs. Some, like Hivebrite, will require cost, others have free options, like Tribe.

If you're looking for user-friendly, Televeda would be the way to go, while programs like Tradewing might require some training. Whatever your needs are, there is a CMS program that will work perfectly

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