Televeda partners with Black Hills American Indian Center

March 1, 2022

Research partnership with Black Hills American Indian Center

Televeda & Black Hills American Indian Center for Public Health are partnering on VA project for research on suicide prevention. 

The project is working on important thesis: that community based evidence of traditional healing practices like storytelling & talking circles are an effective modality for suicide prevention.  

From the Black Hills website:

"Founded in 1998, we are a research-intensive organization whose chief goals are to improve the health and wellness of American Indians and other Indigenous peoples through research, service, education and philanthropy. We are American Indian-led, and are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. With funding principally from NIH and CDC, we have considerable experience with cardiovascular epidemiology and intervention, cancer epidemiology, tobacco policy and control, smoking genetics, environmental health, and ethnographic research. We specialize in health disparities, the social determinants of health, asset-based approaches, randomized trials conduct and fidelity, and mentorship. We use both quantitative and qualitative research approaches."

According to, there are various ways to help support Native American communities. This is from their website:

How To Help

Know the facts. Complex, interrelated factors contribute to suicide among Native American, Indian, Indigenous, and Alaska Natives. Members of these communities have experienced trauma from wars, loss of land, genocide, and forced removal from ancestral lands.

Ask and listen. Be an active part of your loved ones’ support systems and check in with them often. If they show any warning signs for suicide, be direct. Tell them it’s OK to talk about suicidal feelings. Practice active listening techniques and let them talk without judgment.

Get them help and take care of yourself. Research local resources. Don’t be afraid to get your loved one the help they might need. Support them in identifying others to talk to that may understand how they feel – family members, friends, co-workers, and community or spiritual leaders.

Through the partnership with Black Hills, Televeda is working on providing resources both digitally and in person to assist these communities. One of the resources launched for this project includes Talking Circles. Read more about it here.

Update (2023)

The Televeda team received IRB approval from the Lakota Tribe. This is an important milestone for the research efficacy and commitment to uphold tribal data sovereignty. The team safely conducted monitored research on suicide prevention for a year.

Televeda's commitment to Native American communities and veterans continues to grow and develop. Team Televeda has developed a culturally competent Storytelling Curriculum “Hero’s Story” which is being tested with Lakota veterans. Read more about Hero's Story here.

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