October 27, 2023

Televeda Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day Phx Fest 2023

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Televeda had an incredible time being part of Indigenous Peoples Day Phx Fest, hosted in Margaret T. Park in Phoenix on Monday, October 9th, with events that continued throughout the week. 

As part of our outreach efforts for our Indigenous health and wellness initiatives, as well as our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we were thrilled to experience and honor the narratives of Indigenous people. 

What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day? 

Indigenous Peoples Day is an official city and state holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. It’s celebrated across the United States on the second Monday in October. 

Why is Indigenous Peoples’ Day so important?

This day is used to promote understanding of Indigenous cultures and issues faced by Indigenous peoples. It goes beyond our history books and classical narratives to acknowledge that Indigenous peoples and their culture have been undervalued, unrecognized, and worse still, dismissed or destroyed.

IPD also provides an opportunity for reconciliation and an attempt at healing. It's a day to remind and educate people about the atrocities and injustices Indigenous people have faced, such as forced removal from ancestral lands, cultural genocide, and more. 

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day assists in preserving unique indigenous cultures, languages, rituals, and important traditions.

What is Indigenous Peoples Day Phx Fest? 

The second annual Indigenous People's Day PHX Fest was hosted in a bid to acknowledge and honor Indigenous tribes. This year's theme, "Indigenize the Valley," delivered an engaging mix of live music, skateboarding, Indigenous cuisine, art exhibitions, Indigenous film viewings, and other family activities.

Indigenous People's Day PHX Fest events throughout the week included: 

  • Performances by cultural artists, including The Yoties, Izik, Jesse Valenzuela of the Gin Blossoms, and Innastate
  • Launch Party and Gallery Event for the Phoenix Art Museum
  • Indigenous Film Screenings presented by Cahokia PHX and Indie Film Fest at Burton Barr Central Library 
  • Inaugural Sacred Cycle of Life Bike Tour hosted by RVSO + Heavy Pedal Phoenix
  • IPD Walk + Run hosted by Native Women Running
  • Downtown Showdown Skateboard Competition by Downtown Showdown Skateboard Competition
  • Indigenous pop-up market with over 120 Indigenous artisans and food vendors
  • Uncontained Mural  + RISE Art Installation 
  • Growing for the Future with musical guests, film screening, and discussion about food sovereignty presented by the Heard Museum.

It was hosted by Cahokia PHX, an Indigenous-led and female-owned organization established by Eunique Yazzie, a Navajo, Candace Hamana, a Hopi, and Melody Lewis, a Mohave, Hopi, and Tewa. 

Cahokia PHX's mission is to generate opportunities that bolster and uplift the tribal communities in Arizona. "The purpose of the Phoenix festival is to honor and acknowledge the history and contributions of Indigenous peoples," Hamana said. "The festival provides a platform of representation for Indigenous artists, entrepreneurs, performers, and small business owners. It also creates a vital space that allows Indigenous communities to share their story through their own lens, which helps them to collaborate and unite with non-Indigenous groups."

Televeda greatly appreciates the work Cahokia PHX does and has worked with co-founder Lewis in educational workshops to help inform and guide our work within tribal communities. 

Televeda at Indigenous People Day Phx Fest

Our Mission

Televeda joined IPD Phx Fest in support of the local Native community and to connect with the people we’re serving. We wanted to share our services and resources with the IDP Phx Fest attendees as well as learn from the cultural events. 

Our Experience

The Televeda team loved the event, which was lively with music, dancing, poetry, and performances by local Native artists. We talked to over 150 community members who were interested in our several community projects that are focused on indigenous wellbeing. 

These include: 

  • AzHIP: In partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services, this project focuses on combating social isolation and loneliness among vulnerable populations, particularly people in rural and underserved areas. To work towards this goal, Televeda aims to provide these communities with the resources necessary to get involved in telehealth connections.
  • Roger That! Tribal Connectivity Project: Televeda has partnered with Arizona Department of Veteran Services to support veterans in rural or remote areas who are not equipped with the resources to take advantage of veteran benefits, and who thereby lack the sense of community so necessary for a veteran. We’re bringing connectivity to our communities by providing a mobile internet kit to all 22 indigenous tribes across Arizona, specifically for veterans. This project offers each veterans' service office a kit complete with a tablet, printer, and computer. Veterans can use these devices to book appointments, sign up for benefits, and stay connected with their loved ones.
  • Hero’s Story: We’ve launched the first indigenous, community-based platform to facilitate  a trusted network of culturally-appropriate interventions & resources that support mental health. In partnership with each community, we're working to deliver care where people need it. The design and implementation of the Hero’s Story Project has been and will continue to be deeply informed by members of tribal nations including Navajo, Lakota, and O’odham.

Fun Facts about IPD Phx Fest 2023

IPD PHX fest saw huge numbers of participants this year, including: 

  • There were 3,302 total attendees that came from over 80 different cities, towns, and states
  • 69 Tribal Nations were represented, including 16 out of the 22 Tribal Nations of Arizona
  • The top Tribal Nations in attendance were Navajo Nation/Dine, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Hopi Tribe, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, San Carlos Apache, and White Mountain Apache
  • Attendees ranged in age from 11 to 76 years old, with most attendees being between 30 and 40 years old

How Will You Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day? 

While Indigenous Peoples’ Day is only once a year, educating and learning about Indigenous history, culture– and the pressing issues facing indigenous communities, such as land rights, access to social services, and environmental protection–is something that can and should happen all year long. 

Televeda is honored to support the timeless wisdom of Native Elders for future generations and play a part in cultural preservation of such important traditions.

We’re always looking for individuals who are just as passionate as we are, so if you’d like to learn more, head to these links: 

Learn more about Hero’s Story 

Learn more about AZHIP

Learn more about our digital inclusion projects

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