Our Mission & Values

Televeda is on a mission to combat social isolation for older adults & vulnerable groups by making socialization more accessible.

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We are more interconnected than ever before, yet loneliness is a growing problem, which is a huge strain on economic and healthcare bodies.

Televeda's aim is to be the world’s most inclusive community management platform democratizing socialization to people of all backgrounds, abilities and cognitive levels.​

Corporate Values

  • Mission driven, social venture, global community, inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Nobody owns the community except its members. We only provide the tools for management.
  • Work with Experts: We serve community leaders & centers. We fight social isolation best when we empower our civic organizations. Their staff are the real heroes whom we support and learn from.
  • Accessibility is an iterative process that works with ongoing and continual feedback.
  • Passion for Service: We are only as strongest as our weakest links. Services should be accessible to the most vulnerable. No tech support query is left behind.
  • Follow the Money: Ours is a fee based service. We work directly with civic organizations who provide the service free of charge to the seniors as a member benefit. We do not sell data or push advertising to our members.
  • Community First: We don’t care about venture scale, only care about personalized touches and experience.

Core Beliefs

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No matter the age, self improvement is an ongoing personal journey.
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We strive to be the easiest way for older adults to make new friends.

Televeda Community Values

Social isolation is a huge problem for our communities, vulnerable and health-systems. Older Adults need a better way to stay connected, make friends and find a healthy routine.

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Easiest way for older adults to make new friends, especially as it gets harder to socialize as we age.

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As we get older, it gets harder to do the things that were once easy: making friends, using new technology, staying in touch, trying new things.

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Design, operations & processes should be welcoming. The only thing that should be challenging is our vulnerability to grow.

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We are support members to build their own tribes. Some play bingo, some do trivia. But all come together to socialize.

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We provide a fun & rewarding journey of self-improvement so members can learn new things, see new places & meet new people despite barriers

Our Story

I was very close with my grandfather who suffered from age-related chronic conditions that made him homebound. It was a difficult time, and one that made me come to a stark realization: loneliness and social isolation are massive healthcare problems that need to be addressed.

So, we founded Televeda: a social venture working to prevent social isolation in vulnerable communities. Loneliness is a major predictor of functional decline and death, and bringing individuals together can improve a society’s physical, mental, and social health.

Accessibility is one of the most important problems of our times. I cannot stand to see more people affected by something that is easily preventable. Social isolation is now considered a global epidemic, so we must work together to change the future of our world.

Shruti Gurudanti  - CEO & Co-Founder image
Shruti Gurudanti  - CEO & Co-Founder

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