Increasing Recreational Attendance by 900%

January 1, 2021

Oasis Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation

Improving the quality of life, engagement and happiness of residents.

Oasis Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation is a premier nursing home located in Casa Grande, Arizona, that offers both skilled nursing and long-term care. Like most nursing homes or senior living communities, Oasis experienced that it had a certain percentage of residents who did not attend group activities. These residents are frail, with mobility disabilities, with mild cognitive disabilities or generally disinterested in attending any activity. Oasis’ staff performed increased number of one-on-one room visits to ensure socialization.

Oasis wanted to create a thriving community environment where all residents, regardless of their abilities, feel connected, comfortable, inspired, motivated, energetic and socially engaged.

What was the solution? Televeda.

How did we do this? Read the full case study below.


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