Cultural Guidelines for Building and Maintaining Relationships with Indigenous Communities

May 6, 2024

Introduction: This guideline is intended to be a beginning-level guide to refer to during initial interactions with tribal communities. It may be used by people who are part of an initial outreach team or by someone who is new to an established team. This information should not be used as a strict policy book or script but as a living document that can provide some basic guidance for outsiders to the indigenous community. This guideline was drafted by an outsider, and to be clear, the true expert on indigenous culture is someone who is a member of the community. This information was shared with the author by members of communities with their permission. It is not a substitute and does not override what any Tribal Nation or individual member of a community states or provides a formal position on.

The intended audience for this guideline is members of the private sector, government officials, and other partners who are not part of the indigenous community as they partner with Televëda on our Mission Daybreak project.


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