Resident Engagement Increases by Over 50%

March 1, 2021

Fellowship Square-Mesa Improves Residents Moods

Fellowship Square-Mesa  is home to over 340 residents and offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care assistance to help adults age with dignity and live an active and purposeful life.

Fellowship Square-Mesa noticed that several of their assisted living residents decreased their participation in social activities with age, due to both perceived barriers and real barriers. These residents were more inclined to stay in their rooms, rarely attend social events, and barely interact with their neighbors except during mealtime.

Inactivity and a lack of socialization puts residents at a serious risk of negative health impacts, and even death.
Therefore, Fellowship Square-Mesa decided to partner with Televeda to re-engage residents and find a way to provide socialization opportunities to those who are room-bound. If Televeda could inspire the isolated residents to interact with other residents in either a live streamed or in-person class, they could change residents' lives, and save Fellowship Square-Mesa millions.

Did we do it? Spoiler: yes.

How did we do it? Read the full case study below.


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