Online Bingo Meets
In-person Bingo for an Amazing Hybrid Game

Upgrade your bingo experience & play with more people with the world’s only hybrid bingo streaming app

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Play Bingo like never before

In-person & Virtual Players can play the same games simultaneously
In-person & Virtual Players can interact with each other together
Keeping it simple. Same rules and prizes to compete for
Complete set up for both experiences provided out-of-the-box
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In-person experience +

Optimize your in-person bingo event experience for a modern and fun way to engage users

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Trackable serialized card numbers to confirm winners 
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Customizable, printable cards for all in-person players 
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Consultations on game set-up and event offerings
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No limit on number of players or prizes

We had more bingo mobile users than desktop users at our record-breaking  bingo livestream 

And you will too. An incredible mobile experience is necessary for any hybrid event, and we made design inclusive for people of all backgrounds.

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Hybrid Bingo Like You’ve Never Seen it Before. Because you’ve never seen it before. 

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There’s always time for more bingo!

Virtual Bingo Events Coming Up

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Hybrid Events Coming Up

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Everyone who joined us on October 21st 2021 helped us to break the
GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for "most viewers of a bingo livestream on a bespoke platform". And we did it! 

See Guinness World Records' official post.

Official Guinness World Records Attempt by Televeda