Culturally Competent Peer Support

Virtual Talking Circles. A safe space for individuals to share their stories, find support, and connect with others with lived experience.

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Honoring Ancient Traditions with Modern Accessibility.

Our innovative web interface creates a dynamic and inclusive space for meaningful conversations and connections. From low-tech inclusivity to vibrant video conversations, we offer a unique experience that pays tribute to one of the oldest & most inclusive support group formats.

Free for all AIAN veterans & Veteran Service Organizations

Our approach

A Connectivity Solution For our Hero's Story Project

Launching the first Indigenous, community-based platform to facilitate a trusted network of culturally-appropriate interventions & resources that support mental health. We're working to deliver care where people need it-- in the way they want it.

Maintaining Trust

What happens in the Circle Stays in the Circle

We supplement in-person support groups with virtual talking circles that are more accessible, safely improve access to care resources for individuals with low tech literacy, and provides a safe-space for discussion.

No Audio-Video recordings

Anonymous Entry

No AI or Machine Learning inside the VTC

Low-Tech & Audio first  (Landline)

Strict Privacy & Data Protections

HIPAA compliant streaming.

Research & Development

one Vision With Multi-Disciplinary Support

Trauma-Informed & Human Centered Design:
The VTC does more than facilitate support groups. This trusted environment also connects participants with VA resources (e.g. VCL Phone-line with Navajo Support, Online benefits enrollment). Utilization of these resources can be measured and Facilitators are trained on evidence-based interventions.

Virtual Talking Circles are a novel re-imagining of mental health peer support groups, but which are culturally-responsive.

We present an interface that respects traditions, is accessible for elders, and engages younger generations.  

Prayer Music
clanship-kinship cards
Circular Layout
circle prompts
appropriate directionality
passing the token
low-tech (audio first design)
access to crisis resources

Disclaimer: No Medical Advice

VTC does not serve as a clinical intervention, nor does it double as a crisis mitigation tool.
Please call 988 for immediate support

commonly Asked Questions

Have some questions? We got you covered

What exactly are Virtual Talking Circles?

Virtual Talking Circles are traditionally designed spiritual-tech spaces where participants can engage in a safe, structured discussions facilitated to enhance  connection in a low-tech environment.

The VTC has been developed as a community collaborative between Televeda & AI/AN veteran focus groups, Tribal leaders, VA healthcare specialists, Indigenous public health researchers, trauma support clinicians & Native community leaders.

How do Virtual Talking Circles work?

VTC is a web-based application accessible from any device with an internet connection. Simply register on the community events platform and join live events.

No specific devices, operating systems or software downloads are required.

Who can participate in Virtual Talking Circles?

Anyone. Designed specifically for AIAN Veterans, but open to all individuals: spouses, caregivers, community leaders, etc. who need help with peer run support groups  

Are Virtual Talking Circles moderated?

Yes, Facilitators lead & run all VTC events. Facilitators can be peer led, traditional healers or trauma specialist clinicians.

What topics are covered in Virtual Talking Circles?

Facilitator led discussions vary across a wide variety of topics that can be found in our live schedule page. We currently have circles for Veterans, AIAN Veterans, Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and LGBTQ2s+ safe spaces.

How do I join a Virtual Talking Circle?

(1) Register on the Televeda platform from any device. (2) RSVP to any upcoming live peer support session. (3) Join a scheduled Virtual Talking Circle.

Can I host my own Virtual Talking Circle?

Yes, the VTC web application is funded by the Veteran Administration's Mission Daybreak Challenge, and is free for Veteran Service Organizations or Community-based organizations serving AIAN individuals.

Just have your organization request access to the application by scheduling a call with our staff, and Televeda will also offer free facilitator training & access to the Storytelling Curriculum.  

Is there a limit to the number of participants in a Virtual Talking Circle?

Currently VTC peer support events are limited to 10 participants in total. This is to ensure a small intimate gathering where everyone gets a chance to speak & connect. Sessions are first-come first-serve, so make sure to RSVP for upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Find your Community!

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and connection. Explore our calendar and reserve your spot to join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Your next adventure begins here.

May 28th, 2024 onwards

2:00Hr / session

Support group for women veterans

Gathered under the banner of shared service and resilience, our women veterans support group are forming a sanctuary where camaraderie flourishes and bonds deepen.

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June 28th, 2024 onwards

2:00Hr / session

AIAN Veteran Support Group

Within the sacred circle of our AIAN (American Indian and Alaska Native) veteran support group, the beating heart of tradition intertwines with the spirit of service and sacrifice. Under the expansive sky that echoes...

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July 28th, 2024 onwards

2:00Hr / session

LGBTQ2S+ support group

Within the kaleidoscope of identities and experiences, our LGBTQ2S+ support group forms a vibrant mosaic of love, resilience, and acceptance. Here, in the sanctuary of understanding hearts

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