Chandler launches city-wide Virtual Rec At Home

April 11, 2020

With the recent Stay Home order, Chandler Parks & Recreation partnered with televëda in helping the community socialize while maintaining social distance. Now residents of the City of Chandler can play online (Yoga, Soccer training, Arts, Crafts), wherever they are.

Chandler Rec At Home is a digital resource for families and caregivers looking to fill the day-to-day with practical, educational, inspiring, and entertaining content.

From boredom busters and games to science experiments and workouts with certified fitness professionals, their #GoPlayChandler home edition aims to help inspire young people and support caregivers through this one-stop destination. Get daily ideas and activities for ways you can discover, imagine, and grow together.  

televëda had partnered with the City of Chandler for its Senior Center in December of 2019 to help digitize its virtual activities. This new initiatives is across all age groups and extending the programming of the popular Tumbelweed Recreational Center.

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