December 1, 2023

Televeda Bingopalooza 2023 : At a Glance

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Bingopalooza 2023 was a hit! Thanks to the Televeda team, Wellcare volunteers, and 55 centers and communities across multiple states, we had the biggest year yet! 

Let's dive in to some things that made Bingopalooza 2023 so incredible.

What is Bingopalooza? 

Let's start with the basics! BingoPalooza™ is a hybrid bingo event that connects centers and individuals statewide. It's a free, public event open to all age groups.

Players can join at a participating center in person, or virtually through the Televeda bingo platform.Let's get together to play bingo and create a community!

Bingopalooza 2023 At-a-Glance

Bingopalooza 2023 saw:

  • Four states participated: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Hawaii
  • 55 communities hosting in-person bingo games--and over 90% of them can't wait to do it again!
  • Over 1200 in-person attendees (and even more online!) 
  • 53 broker volunteers from Wellcare
  • 72 bingo prizes awarded

Arizona & Nevada Highlights

Arizona's statewide Bingopalooza went so far as to include centers from Nevada too!

New Mexico Highlights

New Mexico centers, players, and volunteers were all ready for more. As they said: “Eeryone loved it; we all had a great time.”

Hawaii Highlights

Bingopalooza crossed oceans! Hawaii had perfect attendance from centers and brokers, and 100% of those centers want to join again next year!

How to Get Involved in Televeda Bingopalooza

We always love get more centers and states involved in Bingopalooza. BingoPalooza is a health-and-wellness community initiative with the mission to bring awareness to the impact of loneliness on our health.

It’s fully-funded by Wellcare Centene--so there is no cost to participate. In fact, registered community centers are free programming and additional perks.

While Bingopalooza is complete for 2023, we have more coming up in 2024! 

Get Started with BingoPalooza

Want to bring bingo to your center right now? 

Join us for free weekly bingo games on Televeda!

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