September 1, 2023

Hero's Story Data Commitment


Televeda designed the Hero's Story initiative to prevent suicide amongst AI/AN Veterans by promoting social connectedness and community healing through traditional healing practices. It is a part of the Department of Veteran Affair’s 10-year strategy to end Veteran suicide.

Hero's Story will incorporate traditional healing practices like storytelling and talking-circle interventions to reduce veteran suicide and improve access to VA resources.

Though our data sharing agreement is currently in development with the tribal government, we'd like to share this information as of now: 

Since we will be collecting information about attendance and which community and social care programs users are accessing, we plan to utilize HealthVerity to de-identify these data for potential integration with the VA’s data system.

Televeda takes our reciprocal obligation to Veterans to ensure data security, quality, and integrity seriously. We strive to provide a valuable service to Veterans while maintaining their privacy. We also hope to partner with the VA Office of Innovation and VA ORD for research, and thus, we are building this program to comply with their ethical and data privacy policies from the outset.

The centralized repository that will be created will ultimately belong to the Tribes we work alongside. It will need to be open-sourced and integrated with appropriate government databases. We will not place such data behind paywalls or associate them with private companies for commercial interest.

Read Televeda's legal & privacy data statement here.

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