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About Our Online Writing Workshop

People seriously love this class. This weekly writing workshops will include creative writing, poetry, and more as we share our pieces and build on our skills weekly with new writing prompts and perspectives.  

What members have to say: “This class is great and stimulating and really gets our creative juices flowing.”

Upcoming Dates & Times for Free Virtual Writing Classes

Tuesdays, 1 pm MST

Writing Workshop Lessons & Materials Needed

Prompts will be announced during class. Please bring materials to write either digitally or manually.

Past Classe Prompt Examples:

  • We're starting off our writing workshop with "stream of consciousness writing" to help you get out of your head and get creative juice flowing. Attendees will be lead in "flash writing" exercises to create short pieces.
  • Poetry through collage shows the power of words. Bring scrap magazines, newspapers, books...anything with words on it that you can create into a collage of meaning and creativity.
  • Exploring the work of Friederike Mayrocker, Lewis Carroll, Aracelis Girmay and the strangeness and potential of language, and words, itself...and writers who bend language to their will. This week, inspired by Mayröcker, write a story with a protagonist whose perspective requires an associative, free-flowing use of language. How does pushing the limits of language produce a fresh perspective?
  • Autobiography and fiction come together in this class. Start with warm ups for memory recall, and then dive into this prompt: If you could only tell one story from your life to illustrate who you are to someone you've just met, which story would you tell?

About Writing Workshop Instructors

Join Ari, comic-book creator and writer as she leads Televeda creative writing workshop.

Aubrey Nolan is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist, illustrator, writer, and editor. Her comics and illustrations have been featured by The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The Stranger, The Huffington Post, and more. She is represented by Ayesha Pande Literary and is at work on her first full-length graphic novel.

One of Aubrey's works. Check out more here.

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