Online Art and Crafting Classes

Online art and crafting classes offer a flexible and convenient way to learn various forms of creative arts. At Telveda, these classes cover a wide range of subjects such as drawing, painting, sculpture, Zentangle, and more. Taught by experienced instructors from across the country, these online art classes cater to various skill levels - beginners to advanced.

Online art and crafting classes are a great platform to discover and hone artistic talents from the comfort of home!

How Do Online Art and Crafting Classes Work on Televeda? 

When we're connected to others, we're happier and healthier. Televeda is a safe space for individuals to share stories and experiences, enjoy life events, and learn new things in an inclusive atmosphere.

And this includes online art and drawing classes! Here's how it works: 

  1. Go to this sign up link!
  2. No passwords or downloads are required! You will need either a cell phone or email account to access a login code.
  3. Enjoy your online art classes! 

Online Art and Crafting Class Types

Here are some online arts and crafting classes that we offer at Televeda. All Televeda-hosted classes are free, while classes hosted by the City of Chandler require registration and payment.

See our full virtual art class schedule here.

Online Zentangle Classes

Try this art form perfect for all ages and abilities to create something beautiful, and gain relaxation your whole day!

Suggested art supplies:

  • Artist tiles (3.5 inches square) or art paper cut to size
  • Practice paper or sketchbook
  • Very fine tip black permanent marker (Sakura microns are the best)
  • Soft pencil for shading
  • Tortillon/shading stump or Q-tip to blend shading
  • Optional: colored pencils, watercolor, markers, gelly roll pens (gold, white)

What Televeda members say: 

"Val issuch a delightful instructor. What I like about Zentangle is that there are no mistakes. Lol, I struggled with one part of the project, and she graciously explained what I did and how to do it in the way she did it if I wanted to. Love her!"

“Love attending this class - very relaxing and full of zen. I never realized I could draw but Val takes it step by step so everyone can be an artist!”

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Online Painting

Learn from Tal Dvir in this online painting class! From cardinals to wine bottles to other still lives, you'll paint a wide range of subjects and learn as we go! 

Suggested art supplies:

  • Paper (watercolor paper, sketch book)
  • Pencils
  • Paints of choice

What Televeda members say: 

"Even as a virtual class (hybrid), Tal is able to convey the lessons so well. He does a good job of working with varied skill levels so that even I, with little drawing experience, am getting some great pointers. I like that he has us work with charcoal and pencil so that we gain skills with both."

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Online Drawing & Sketching

Learn the basics of sketching and drawing and enhance your skills with world-renowned artist Tal Dvir. Never taken a drawing class before? Feel rusty or simply lack confidence? Learn to see like an artist and to develop sketches from a variety of shapes, from still life to the figure. Work in black and white with pencils to improve your confidence and technique!

Suggested art supplies:

  • Paper (watercolor paper, sketch book)
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils

What Televeda members say: 

"Cubism was a real stretch for my brain.  i liked the limited focus for the class because i was very slow to accomplish each step. Like Zentangle, this class pushes to think outside the box."

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Online Watercolor Painting

Show your true colors and explore the creative possibilities of watercolors using various painting techniques. From beginner to advanced, artists will learn how to define composition and analyze color in this creative workshop. This class is held simultaneously with the in-person option and requires a class fee and pre-registration.

Suggested art supplies:

  • Watercolors
  • Watercolors Pape
  • Brushes
  • Palette
  • Towel
  • HB pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener

What Televeda members say: "I will share my satisfaction with this class in my group of friends. I appreciate having this opportunity to learn and practice art skills through this media."

This is a private class that requires registration via the City of Chandler.

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Online Oil Painting Classes

Hosted by the city of Chandler, these virtual oil painting classes share the world of oil painting with Tal Dvir's engaging art class. Unleash your creativity as you learn essential techniques and create captivating artworks guided by an experienced artist.

New painters experience the joy of oil painting while learning the basics. Learn to "see" like an artist. Think and practice through hands-on experience as you translate the 3D world into a 2D painting.

This is a private class that requires registration via the City of Chandler.

Suggested art supplies: Supplies are included in the registration fee.

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About Our Virtual Arts & Crafting Instructors

Learn about our lovely virtual art instructors! 

Val: Zentangle

Val has been hosting Zentangle on Televeda for years and it has been one of our most popular classes from the beginning. She's not only great at Zentangle but also a great instructor: she's patient, supportive, and always reminds you: there are no mistakes in Zentangle! It's just about enjoying the ride.

What Televeda members say: 

“Val is a wonderful teacher -- very patient and she makes Zentangle so much fun! Can’t wait for more classes!”

"Wow, the Zentangle embedded letters class was SO fun! I loved it, and was very impressed with how our letters came out. Val is such a great teacher and comes up with such fun projects that are challenging but not too hard. Like Goldilocks' porridge, they are just right! And I love the on-demand videos too. It's great to be able to do a class over again, or attend if I have to miss one of Televeda's terrific classes."

Tal Dvir: Painting & Drawing

Painting contemporary impressionism and realism, artist Tal Dvir's work is a reflection of life and its surroundings. At 16, he was admitted to the prestigious Witzo School of Art. His work has been displayed nationally and internationally, including in Tel Aviv, California, and Arizona.

What Televeda members say: "I appreciate Tal taking us through a variety of mediums.  It was easy to ask questions.  Being a beginner I didn't feel that it was a problem with much more experienced students.  I was allowed and accepted to progress at my own pace."

Enjoy Our Online Arts & Crafting Classes!

Embracing the online arts and crafting classes on Televeda, whether it's painting or drawing or Zentangle, can be an exciting step towards exploration of creativity and self-expression. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a complete novice, these classes provide a rich, engaging, and convenient learning experience right at your fingertips.

With opportunities to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and draw inspiration from a diverse community, Televeda's arts and crafting classes are more than just learning sessions, they are a nurturing community and a celebration of creativity. So, pick up your brush, loosen up your imagination, and dive into the enchanting world of colors and patterns with Televeda today.

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