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September 1, 2021

Hill House Care UK uses live streaming technology to support staff & resident wellness

Having always placed a great emphasis on their residents’ well-being, Hill House Care in the United Kingdom has been awarded Platinum status, the highest level in the Gold Standards Framework, since 2009.

And they don't shy away from innovation to do so. In the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns, Hill House embraced a quick adoption of technology to provide their residents' with the best possible activities in their partnership with Televeda.

Luckily, Hill House residents were as resilient and forward-thinking as the administration: "Our residents are willing to try anything. They'll take whatever we throw at them, and get excited about nw experiences," noted Laura Walker, activities coordinator at Hill House UK.

Thanks to the innovative spirit of both Hill House and their residents, they took to Televeda quickly. From Friday art classes, to weekly trivia on endless topics, to bingo of course, these live streaming events bring joy to the residents.

How did both organizations make this cross-country connection? Read the full case study below.


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