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Specifically Designed to Serve the Vulnerable Online

Televeda's end-to-end infrastructure for virtual classes is a synergy of software, services and media that organizations use to save time and resources, while increasing end-user engagement.

Virtual operations team

Services to help you scale and manage your Virtual Classes

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Tech Support

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Remote Moderators

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Account Managers

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Community Managers

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Vetted Media Experts

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Re-enactment of your Staff having fun 40 min conversations explaining what a browser is.

Empathetic tech support

Your Virtual Call Center & Support Team

Saving Staff Time

Focus on community building not tech support. No matter how good the Product, certain types of users still tend to need timely and personal support. You risk user adoption and engagement without it, but it's too costly to have your staff spend time on it.

Immediate Response

Remove friction for users to join your classes, register for events and stay engaged with real-time support. You get fast SLA resolution via multiple accessible channels.

Personal & Empathetic

Users trust and expect superior customer service. Real people having real conversations, not a link to a manual or impersonal chatbot.  

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Professionally Designed

Accessibility design principles with adequate video and training resources

Co-Browsing Capability

Help support difficult technical cases with ease in a timely manner with remote screen-sharing

Professional, World-Class Support

Empathetic, Patient and Qualified. And really fast so you don't lose your audience.

Multiple Channels

Toll-free calling, live-chat, emails, sms text and support for in-class tech issues.

Time is your Most Valuable Asset

The tip of the iceberg is just streaming classes. But it is the invisible backend which takes the most organizational time, introduces complexity and operational inefficiencies. Your Staff is overwhelmed, stressed and facing burnout while being frontline heroes protecting the vulnerable. Grunt tasks serve neither your users, your staff nor bottom-line well. We help save our clients 6-15 hrs every week.


Power of good 'ole conversations

Cardi Doe

Community Member

"I have had some horrible experiences with live streaming and was skeptical. Their Support team is very useful and walked me through the whole process. I really like to be able to speak to someone over the phone and ask questions. They helped me overcome my fear of using technology."

John Doe

Community Member

"Very friendly and they genuinely care to help. I receive timely follow ups and they listen to my concerns. I sometimes just call them to check-in when I'm bored."

John Doe

Husband of Member

"My wife has always been having   issues with her computer and internet connection. She's a smart gal but hates technology. The routine Support we receive is amazing. They are patient and always assist her so that she can be with her friends."

Engage more, troubleshoot less (Pic: Zach kicking)

Live Class Operations

Remote Moderators

  • By leveraging Televeda's technical operators, your Instructors can focus on the User Experience

  • Quality Assurance support for Instructors, Community Guidelines moderation for Users

  • Hardware and Infrastructure design support

  • Remote moderation feature for Staff to operate classes from wherever they are.

  • Better event management for live virtual classes

  • Seamlessly digitize your Activities and Instructors

Do you know latency constraints for streaming music or karaoke classes?

Or the moderation best practices for Virtual Bingo?  


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Meet your team

Your Goals are Our Goals

Account Manager

Data reports, quarterly goal and ROI tracking. Partnering with your Executive & Operations team.

Community Manager

User Surveys & Personalized outreach, Training & Support, Media Sourcing, Calendar Development, Social Media. Consulting with your Activities and Marketing teams.

We are not an Activities solution. We partner for engagement, retention and innovation. Our solution helps increase engagement for seniors and by using a data-oriented approach and analytics we increase efficiency and provide considerable savings for overwhelmed organizations. A library solution of activities is easy, in addition to that we help with value-based services that communities use to scale and better manage their virtual activities. Save considerable time and money, and build a unique competitive differentiator while tackling the loneliness problem.

Alyssha Camp, Life Enrichment Director

“So grateful for the Televeda team for helping with ongoing calendar development, and sourcing unique classes that our seniors request. I appreciate how they helped us integrate classes with our TVs for seniors who did not have iPads. I have lots of ideas for our community and they help bring my big vision to reality.”

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Trusted by some of world's best brands

Saffie quote Using testimonials as a narrative
(Activities Directors) Quotes: Ray Chandler, Ryan from SVdP, Alyssha (PZ), Angela (PT), Oasis Ellie, FSL picture. [Add quotes]

Chandler story of discovering when to host certain types of classes, who are user evangelists were to spread word of mouth, how to design a smart events calendar based on data

User quotes: Farrell, Glen, Linda, Mary

  • We know their teams by first name basis. They are partners and consultants, not a typical vendor. Invested in the success of our community.
  • Unbelievable how members are making new friends so easily, it’s modern day love letters and penpals.
  • Their tech support saves us so much time. Difficult and time consuming to teach seniors how to use technology. Support is ongoing so it’s great the televeda team handles it all.

FSL Letter/quotes. In nonprofits solution.

, CEO Foundation for Senior Living

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, ZooTv

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, Ideaa System

"As a designer, I love the technical challenges that come with a fast growing company"

John Doe, Aven

Help your Team and your Users

Providing Value not Features

White labeled community experience; Save Time, Reduce Complexity; Automated Data reporting; Community Managers/Activities Directors superpowers/love us; Revenue/Marketing. Personalized customer experience. Simplify sales, marketing and retention;Time ROI, Operational Efficiencies; Tackling Social Isolation; Improving Attendance & Engagement; Smarter Class Designs (trends, experiments, experts, languages, surveys); Sales & Marketing tools.

Digitize your activities and instructors (Services)- Tempe: onboarding, quality assurance, remote moderationLive Tech Support (Services): all formatsCalendaringReminder System: Emails, Texts, CallsTeam of moderators, instructors and experts for your communitySecurity, Privacy ModerationAccount Managers / Consultancy. 1-1 outreach, calendaring, surveys. Promote your events (share url on SM, email lists, landing pages, televeda promotions) [Can have Symphony Clip, and sharing to Facebook)

Quotes from ADs who are boss level now.

Building your Offline community in an Online World

Creating and managing virtual activities isn't rocket science, but it's definitely not easy to run successfully, consistently and at scale. Your Staff is already exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling with managing time. The stress, turnover and churn-rates have been relentless. Consider us the supporting cast to your frontline heroes.

Pain and Urgency

Doing all this must be expensive (so much staff time on grunt). But doing nothing is even more expensive (losing audience);

Overwhelmed and time suck = bankruptcy/collapse

Solutions: Why this is a Now problem (review urgency); Social Isolation, Zoom Fatigue, Engagement (revenue, retention- save staff churn)

Why not just stop after creating the software and media?

Because to combat social isolation meaningfully we have to make an impact.

Sure, organizations get access to best of breed tooling, vetted media selection and support services that will help them run their virtual recreation center. Our custom event management software should suffice. But why stop there?  

Each community is unique. So should your solutions. Community building is a people business. Meaningful solutions are not cookie cutter software. You need more than just a technology vendor, you need a dedicated partner you can grow with. We've supported and designed solutions for 10-person group homes to entire city operations. Collaboration and consultancy is part of our end-to-end model.