What is a televëda membership?

televëda is an online community for adults over 65 where subscribed members access unlimited live and interactive group fitness, wellness, art, music, reading and social experiences led by experts from around the world. If you're looking for online activities for seniors, this is the place!

How it Works

At televëda, senior citizens enjoy a many online activities and games, including virtual trivia, meditation, university lectures, and more. But more importantly, they make friends all the way. Get started today! 

  1. Sign Up: Sign up above to receive instructions on how to register for our private community with your personalized Referral ID.
  2. Attend Classes: Access unlimited virtual recreational classes including live music concerts, bingo, fitness, cooking and baking, painting, book clubs, & more. Check out some of our classes here.
  3. Have Fun: Connect virtually with other like-minded people and world-class instructors in real time. As one of our users says: "We have built this community here, and that’s what important today. Building more communities."

Join a loving, growing community of older adults who are learning, creating, and having fun! 

Our Subscription Options:
  • Month-to-Month: A monthly subscription provides unlimited access to our classes for $24.99/month. Cancel any time! 
  • 6-Month: This subscription gives you 6 months of classes for $99.99.
  • 1-Year: Our 1-year subscription is only $149!

I'm on televëda all the time. I love hearing ideas, sharing recipes, meeting new people, and finding out during Brain Games what little brain I sometimes have! —Marty, televëda member

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