Pitch In!

About Pitch In

Explore what is happening across the Valley by listening to local founders share their ideas in a friendly 6-minute pitch format with 20 minutes of questions. These events are led by the local community and welcome everyone including students, nonprofit and business leaders, artists, resource providers, and anyone who would like to learn.

Why is the City of Peoria Hosting Pitch In?

The City of Peoria has a wide variety of organizations that work across the city to develop the best programming for its members.

Some of this programming includes: 

  • Pop-up Peoria: Pop-Up Peoria is a unique, innovative community engagement space created by the City of Peoria and CIRE Equity. Connect with artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and the experts in a variety of activities, programs and interactive experiences. Popup Peoria at Park West works closely with partners in the community, to create an opportunity for everyone to access the core values of what makes Peoria great, its people! Check out all of their upcoming events here.
  • Peoria Interactive Experience: Peoria Interactive Experience is a trusted exchange of community expertise through your favorite city of Peoria classes, workshops and meetings. The City of Peoria menu of community engagement experiences will be more accessible via Televeda's exceptional two-way interactive live streaming platform. Now you can meet other entrepreneurs, take an art class, learn how to code and so much more all from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and access to the Internet to join these interactive experiences.Check out all their upcoming events here.

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