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From financial literacy to real estate to conversational acumen and MENSA questions, expand your knowledge and growth in this weekly session led by Thomasina Shealey, MBA, a financial wizard, passionate traveler, and lover of learning.

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November 2, Tuesday, 11AM AZ Time [Get a Reminder]

Financial Literacy Vocabulary and Concepts · Gain a base-level financial literacy vocabulary and solid understanding of savings concepts and options. This course is relaxed, casual and highly informative. The goal of this course is for you to be able to pick up a financial magazine, newspaper or journal, or sit with your financial adviser, financial planner or whomever you normally discuss your finances with; and be able to hold a conversation of comprehension of various financial literacy terminology.

November 9, Tuesday, 11AM AZ Time [Get a Reminder]

How To Tie A Scarf Like A True Français · Whether its in Paris, Bordeaux, Brittany, Provence, on the Île de Ré or the Cote'dAzur · The French Know Their Scarves. A beautiful scarf in the right fabric and pattern is a fabulous way to add a bit of French chic to your daily wardrobe. Something so small...yet has the ability and impact to completly change your visual. Properly wrapped and knotted, a beautifully designed and knotted scarf is assured to take your attire to the next level. This course will have you off and running in no time!

November 16, Tuesday, 11AM AZ Time [Get a Reminder]

Match Wits With Mensa · The ultimate book of Mensa word games, number conundrums, and logical mysteries to test and challenge your intelligence. Fun mind-benders to exercise every part of your brain. Trivia, logic riddles, number challenges, tips on how to improve your thinking skills. Let’s have some fun and stretch our brain cells at the same time!

November 23, Tuesday, 11AM AZ Time [Get a Reminder]

The Conversationalist · 11 Ways To Grow Smarter Every Day. Some of us are born an extrovert with the gift of conversation. Others of us are born an introvert, and struggle with moving easily in and around social conversations. Whether we're interacting with our friends, engaging with a new social group or communicating with our peers; a comfortable, fluid communicator will more often than not, be rewarded with fulfilling relationships. For those of us who struggle a bit, the art of the conversation can be learned.

November 30, Tuesday, 11AM AZ Time [Get a Reminder]

The Joys of Solo Travel · Planning a solo travel adventure? Thinking about spending extended time in a cultural and architectural gem of a country? High in desire? Low budget? Join me as I walk you through the steps to accomplish your goals without liquidating your bank account and totally smashing your budget. I am going to share tips on booking your flights, creating your checklist before you leave your home country, essential travel apps, currency exchange recommendations, airport arrival, public transportation, suggested expense allocations for dining, hotel accommodations, cultural differences, and more! With over 30+ years of international travel experience, and now semi-retired and living in the south of France, I am excited to share all with you.

About the Lifelong Learning Instructor

Led by Thomasina Shealey, who divides her “semi-retirement” life between California and the south of France, this series will cover a range of topics from financial literacy to real estate, to MENSA brain workouts to travel and ex-pat French culture.About Thomasina: New Paltz University (New York) B.A. Economics Class of '79 · Golden Gate University (California) Masters Degree Finance MBA Class of '88. Thomasina is an Entrepreneur, Relocation Specialist, Consultant. Mentor, Writer, Author, and Lecturer. Passions include Investing, Real Estate, Sports TV, Indie Music, French Cafés, and living a simple life near the coast.

What Members Have to Say About Lifelong Learning

"Very enthusiastic instructor. She's living the good life!" - Ruth W.

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