Author: Televeda Editor

When and how to talk to senior drivers about safe driving?

Talking to Grandma about safe driving was challenging. Like other older adults, Grandma correlates her independence and freedom with her ability to drive. Any time my family broached the subject, she got angry and defensive, and walked out of the room. But, once we effectively communicated to her that the objective of our conversation was to facilitate and improve her driving… Read more →

Grandma will love the Amazon Echo!

Move aside Siri, Alexa is here! Alexa or the Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that looks like a vertical tube or a canister and works on voice-activated technology. Like Siri, you can ask Alexa to play music, the news, sports-scores or weather reports. But that’s not it. Incredibly, you can instruct Alexa to turn up and down the volume to your TV, connect to your… Read more →

Why writing a will is important?

Incredibly, 55% of Americans die without a will (or as lawyers call it, “intestate”). Forbes listed 17 celebrities who died intestate! Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and most recently, Prince, to name a few. Clearly, most Americans don’t like to think about death. But, if you have loved ones, you may want to consider the following –… Read more →